What you can not eat a nursing mother - a list of foods

At a time when the newly mum begins to breastfeed, it is very important to monitor her diet and lifestyle, because in addition to herself, she has to fill with nutrients a small, still fragile body. To avoid childhood diseases, you need to exclude from your diet a lot of products. The strictest list of foods that can not be eaten by a nursing mother refers to the first month of lactation, then the claims are a little softer. Of course, smoking, alcohol and taking drugs are excluded completely, and stressful situations are minimized.

Not recommended

So, what foods can not be eaten by nursing mothers:

As for allergen products, a few months after the beginning of breastfeeding, you can try to introduce them into the diet in a small amount.

Strictly prohibited

That categorically it is impossible to eat nursing mum, so it:

All these products, even through breast milk can cause harm to the child, cause serious intoxication, fermentation and colic.

Beginning with the second month of feeding, you can (and need to) gradually introduce new products, preferably vegetables and fruits. Vitamins, in the end, are necessary for the mother and children's body, and they need to be taken from somewhere. The rule here is the same - one product is introduced in two or three days, my mother closely follows the reaction of the child.

Why can not milk feed the mother?

There are several different opinions about whether it is possible for mother to drink milk. On the one hand - tea with milk from time immemorial was considered an excellent means for improving lactation, on the other hand - in untreated milk the mass of bacteria and specific lactose, which is very hard to digest by the children's stomach. The optimal solution for the mother will be to drink milk as rarely as possible and only boiled, and to take calcium from the fermented milk products (kefir, cottage cheese), low-fat cheese.

Despite many restrictions, the nursing mother's menu should not be "hungry", because no one says that nursing mother can not eat anything at all. The basis of the diet should be light gluten-free cereals, lean boiled or baked meat, allowed fruits and vegetables, cottage cheese. A prerequisite for good lactation is also a plentiful drink - pure water, fruit drinks, compotes, kefir. This diet can become the basis of the usual diet for both mother and baby in the future, because it does not carry any harm and gives a rather large list of useful vitamins and trace elements.

The process of breastfeeding is not only very intimate and enjoyable for the mother, but also, of course, very responsible. If a woman can adhere to a correct and balanced diet, then at the initial stage of life she will give the child a maximum of health and immunity.