Wedding Lingerie

A smart wedding is what most girls dream of from early childhood. A luxurious dress, exquisite make-up and hairstyle from the best masters - these attributes will allow the bride on such an important day to look like a queen. But you can feel yourself a special noble blood by wearing beautiful wedding clothes, as it has long been known what effect on the feeling of one's own irresistibility is rendered by exactly what is carefully hidden from prying eyes.

How to choose underwear for a wedding dress?

As with any other clothing, there are also some nuances. The creation of the image of the bride is a painstaking work, requiring consideration of many factors. The following tips will help make the choice of wedding lingerie for the bride a pleasant and easy exercise.

  1. Underwear should be combined in color with the basic outfit. In the classical version, white or beige wedding linen is chosen, which will not shine through from the thin material.
  2. Remember that peeping straps and fasteners will look inappropriate and even vulgar. Therefore, when choosing linen for a wedding dress, consider its tailoring. For a dress with open shoulders, the corset is ideal, for a narrow dress - seamless underwear or a tight body fitting body. If the main focus is on the décolleté zone, choose a bra that would open most of the chest, or bustier.
  3. Choose comfortable linen from natural materials, since artificial fabrics have the property of rubbing and irritating the skin. A small addition of synthetic fibers is acceptable to preserve the shape of the product and give it more elasticity. Effectively looks wedding erotic lace underwear, which will be appreciated by your chosen one, when the guests leave for home, leaving you alone. Depending on the season, when the celebration will take place, choose products consisting mostly of linen, cotton, silk or satin.
  4. If your figure can not be called perfect, do not try to hide excess under underwear of smaller size. First, it will squeeze the skin and form unnecessary folds. Secondly, it is simply inconvenient and you risk ruining your holiday. It is better to choose a special tightening underwear for a wedding dress that will make you feel attractive even in a bold tight fitting outfit. Correctly selected sexy wedding lingerie for full brides will provide the necessary support for a lush breasts and will form a seductive silhouette.
  5. Especially carefully it is necessary to choose wedding linen for pregnant women , after all the interesting position obliges the bride to care not so much of beauty, but about convenience. Buying a bra in advance is not worth it, because during this time the breast can significantly increase in volume, and the extra pressure on it is highly undesirable. If the term is already quite large, special bandages will provide the necessary support for the abdomen, and they will not be allocated under the wedding dress, unlike the usual bandage for everyday wear. In the cold season it is better to wear beautiful stockings or special tights for pregnant women that do not squeeze the stomach.

Which is better?

Wedding lingerie should meet many parameters, but the main one is quality. When buying, give preference to proven manufacturers to avoid disappointment and unpleasant surprises. Wedding women's underwear from Victoria Secret is the choice of more than one generation of happy brides who preferred this brand, as a true connoisseur of girlish fantasies in such an intimate issue.