Tulle to the bedroom - modern ideas of window textile design

In the interior design of any room, not the last role is given to the decoration of the window opening. Tulle in the bedroom hides us from prying eyes from the street, softens the daylight, making it scattered, creates a cozy intimate atmosphere in the room. All these qualities should be considered when choosing curtains on windows.

How to choose tulle in the bedroom?

Tulle is a fabric that is made of natural and synthetic fibers: silk, viscose, polyamide, blended. There are several varieties of tulle:

  1. Organza is a rigid elastic, but transparent and lightweight fabric. It can have shine or be matte. On the window creates elastic wrinkles.
  2. The veil is a translucent, soft, well draped fabric. The flowing folds of it lay gently and beautifully.
  3. Nylon tulle or muslin - consists of individual threads. Such curtains are used in the bedroom to create a decorative effect.
  4. Mesh tulle in the bedroom - its cells can be of different size and shape. The grid can be dense, shallow and even with embroidery.

Choose thin or tight tulle - this will depend on where your bedroom window goes. Tulle to the bedroom without curtains, facing east or south should be dense and well dispersing the daylight. This can be an organza with embroidery or a dense mesh. In the northern or western room it is better to hang a thin veil or a large mesh. The color of the tulle will depend on the interior style, in which the entire bedroom is framed. For example, for a modern high-tech thin thin-colored fabric without a pattern is suitable, and a bedroom can be decorated with a colored tulle.

Tulle on the eyelets in the bedroom

This way of fastening the curtains is very popular today. Tulle, which has a soft structure, will look especially beautiful on the eyelets. Therefore, the ideal option is the use of light organza for the bedroom. The eyelets help to make perfect folds on the fabric. Beautiful design of weightless tulle for the bedroom will help create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony in this room. It should be remembered that the tissue should be a lot, about 2-3 times more than the length of the cornice. Only then the curvy folds of the curtain will look beautiful.

Tulle to the window-sill in the bedroom

A short tulle is convenient for a small bedroom. In this case, next to the window, you can arrange, for example, a chair or chest of drawers. And then the curtain length up to the window sill will perfectly fit into a small space, without creating any special problems. In addition, a short tulle will make the interior of the bedroom more gentle and light. For a high room, you can use a thin fabric in combination with a lambrequin that will hide the cornice above the window. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that such window decor is harmonious with the rest of the room.

Tulle arch to the bedroom

If your window has a window opening in the form of an arch, you will not be able to choose a curtain for it. You will need a cornice made of light profile, fastened to the wall with brackets, and special runners prevent the fabric from moving out. A window of the usual shape can also be decorated with a tulle in the form of a semicircular arch. The length of the curtain can reach the sill. Such a tulle in the bedroom will accentuate the beautiful house plants grown on the window.

Tulle in a small bedroom of organza or veil can be supplemented with a guipure insert or decorated with embroidery on the bottom edge of the product. In a small room, the tulle arch will visually enlarge the space . Such a translucent curtain should frame the window opening, fall soft folds. Original will look like a colored tulle arch to the bedroom with a matte monochrome surface.

Tulle with curtains in the bedroom

Very often, when decorating a bedroom, the tulle is combined with curtains. It is important to remember that the design of both curtains should not only fit organically into the overall style of the room, but also be harmonious with each other. If you decide to choose a white tulle, the bedroom linen curtains can be contrasting in color or light warm colors: cream, beige, etc. Although any thick material can be used for curtains.

An interesting option for window decoration can be a combination in which white tulle is the bottom layer. On top of it is fastened a blind from a color muslin, the threads of which can be tied in an unusual knot or left loose. If you want to decorate the window with a bright tulle, then it is better to combine it with dense curtains of a more restrained tone. Tulle-boucle or curtains with perforations and volumetric patterns should be combined with curtains in the form of simple canvases.

Tulle to bedroom with balcony

If your room has access to a balcony or a loggia, then when decorating it is not necessary to use curtains and tulle in a bedroom with numerous folds that will interfere with using the door. If there is no particular need for shading the room, then you can decorate the window and the door only with a light tulle without using dense curtains. Some owners like to decorate the window and doorway with a classic version of multi-layered curtains consisting of tulle, side curtains and lambrequin. However, it should be remembered that some of the curtains on the balcony door should be easily moved.

Color of the tulle in the bedroom

In order to tulle in the bedroom looked beautiful and harmonious, you need to pay special attention to its color and remember that:

  1. Tulle of dark color into the bedroom or having a pattern lets little sunshine.
  2. Dark shades in the window decoration visually reduce the room, so they should not be used in a small room.
  3. Tulle in a light bedroom of small size is better to choose white or soft pastel tones.
  4. The tulle shade should be combined with the color of the curtains and the general tone of the bedroom design.
  5. Since very bright colors excite the effect on the human body, it is better for the bedroom to choose soft muted tones.

Tulle to the salad bedroom

Designers are advised to choose a tulle shade in the tone of upholstered furniture or harmonizing with the wall cover. But while the curtains should not merge with the wallpaper, but should be at least one tone was darker or lighter than the walls. A win-win option would be, for example, the green tulle color, which exactly repeats the shade of the largest object in the room, for example, the same color on the bed. If your room is decorated in delicate light green colors, then tulle on the bedroom window can be snow-white, milk or cream.

Tulle in the green bedroom

Green color in the interior relaxes, soothes and creates a feeling of serenity. If you are wondering how to pick tulle in the bedroom, you can stop on a green shade. The design of the green bedroom will perfectly emphasize the light green transparent tulle in combination with the Roman curtains with a gold floral ornament. Curtains of this color will look elegant and noble. Particularly original is the window in the bedroom, draped with a green photothool with vegetable prints.

Tulle in a pink bedroom

Pink tulle in the bedroom helps to get rid of depression, can improve mood and give a feeling of coziness and peace. In this case, curtains should be chosen in a darker shade than tulle. Original will look like a brown bedroom interior with a soft pink tulle on the windows. Some designers use a green palette for the pink bedroom in the decoration of the windows. A combination of pink textiles on the windows with accents in the form of a blue color will help the owners of the bedroom to free themselves from negative thoughts.

The decoration of the tulle in the bedroom can be very different:

  1. Tulle assembly on tape. To do this, a tape is sewn along the upper edge of the curtain, which, when pulled together, forms beautiful folds.
  2. Using garters and stitches allows you to give tulle extra airiness.
  3. The cord, which is threaded into the sides of the canvas, will pick up the tulle and create semicircular folds.
  4. From the same tulle as on the curtains, you can make lambrequin, which forms beautiful soft waves.

Tulle for a blue bedroom

The situation in this bedroom will be light and airy, gentle and fresh. For this room, the blue curtains on the eyelets are suitable, in combination with snow-white tulle. A gentle translucent blue tulle will be appropriate in a small bedroom with a small window: it will add light and freshness to the room. If the white tulle in the blue bedroom makes the interior unnecessarily cold, you can add an accent, for example, a warm beige or creamy-sandy tint.

Tulle in the dark bedroom

Often the bedroom windows face north and there is not enough light in the room. The owners of this room want to know how to choose tulle in the bedroom. Designers in this case recommend as a window decor is better to use a light transparent tulle. The same can be advised and the owners of a small bedroom. Do not use in this room too large and curvy curtains, which visually further reduce the space. The best option for a dark bedroom is a light air veil on the window. To darken the room, it can be combined with light roller blinds.

How beautiful to hang a tulle in the bedroom?

If you want to hang the original tulle in the bedroom, you can use clips or hooks attached to the wall. The tulle, which weighs on a horizontal branch, installed above the window, will look unusual. The drawback of such fastenings is that the curtain can not be moved. In order to hang the tulle in the bedroom, you can use dyne from the cornice options:

  1. Ceiling - the most popular, inexpensive and simple way how to hang tulle in the bedroom. Can be used for complex multi-layer and even curved tracks. Such cornice is convenient for corner or bay window decoration.
  2. Telescopic - these models are used for narrow windows.
  3. Profile - such a cornice can be built into a false ceiling or covered with molding.
  4. Baguette cornice can be used in a room with high ceilings.
  5. Rod - mounted to the ceiling or wall.