The chest burns

When suddenly a woman feels that her breast is burning, and the reasons for this are not clear, it is always alarming and frightening. Let's see what can cause such a state, and how to act properly in this case.

Why does my chest hurt and burn?

The reasons for the burning, which the woman describes as "the chest burns with fire," is somewhat. Consider them in order:

  1. Since the mammary glands are a hormone-dependent organ, it is reasonable to assume that it is the hormones that are to blame for this, or rather their imbalance. The sensation, when the chest seems to burn, may be the result of PMS - premenstrual syndrome. If exactly at this time unpleasant symptoms are noticed and they are repeated from cycle to cycle - it's time to visit a gynecologist who will help to cope with the problem.
  2. The burning sensation in the chest is typical for such a disease as mastopathy. It can occur both at the initial stage, and when the disease is started. In addition to this sensation, there may be pain, a tingling sensation, a heaviness in the chest. A mild burning sensation in the nipple and a halo may occur as a hormonal response to pregnancy. Already in the first weeks after conception, some women experience these unpleasant symptoms.
  3. Breastfeeding mother with a wrong application of the baby to the breast often feels in the nipples and inside the chest a brief burning sensation. This is a signal that the feeding process is not regulated and, possibly, a consultation of a breastfeeding specialist is required.
  4. Sometimes, under a burning sensation in the chest, there are problems with the heart or intercostal neuralgia. It is not easy to understand this, and it may be necessary to consult several specialists for the correct diagnosis.

How to calm burning in the chest at home?

If the breast feels hot, the skin is irritated or pain is felt inside the breast, cool lotions will be needed. They are made from simple water, constantly changing it to a cooler one. Excellent helps cabbage leaf. It should be washed well, slightly beaten with a hammer so that it lets the juice in, and put it in a loose soft bra.

These are only temporary measures that help to calm down unpleasant feelings. A woman must necessarily visit a doctor as soon as possible in order to start treatment on time.