The child in 3 months - that is able, how correctly to feed and develop a crumb?

Children develop very quickly. The child at 3 months already knows a lot and pleases his parents with his first achievements. Every mother wants her baby to live according to the established correct regime, was healthy and developed according to the norm, although this norm is conditional. All individually, and children can not be compared by the same clear indicators.

Height and weight of the baby in 3 months

In the first months of life, children overcome the stage of adaptation to the surrounding world and begin to actively learn it. They grow very fast, gaining an average of 500-900 g every 30 days and stretching for a couple of centimeters. Regularly assess the physical development of the baby is the responsibility of the pediatrician, but parents can also do this according to external signs. There are standards here:

Boys are usually larger than girls, but not necessarily. Those who are breastfed gain weight more actively. For artificial persons should be closely monitored, consulting with the pediatrician for deviations in the parameters. However, if the weight and height of the child does not correspond to the "norm", and at the same time the baby feels well, there is no reason for experiencing.

Nutrition of the child in 3 months

In the third month of life the digestive system of the baby changes a little: the capacity of the stomach increases, as does the volume of food received. How much does the child eat in 3 months? At one time, about 150 ml of fluid, a daily dose - up to 900 ml. But the baby is still not ready to take anything, except breast milk or milk formula. The only possible supplement to the diet (on the advice of a doctor) is vitamin D, as prevention of rickets. It is given in the form of drops. Lure in this tender age is too early to introduce.

3 months - breast-feeding a child

Little children eat regularly, with minor interruptions. On average, this is 10-12 day meals and up to 4 night meals, from the moment of awakening and ending with feeding before going to bed. A 3-month-old baby can independently regulate the volume of milk received. If he ate, he will let go of his chest. As in the previous months, food is given on demand. It is important for nursing mothers to know that during this period, breast milk may become less ( lactation crisis ), but the baby suffers it, it is not worth stopping GW.

3 months - artificial feeding of the child

A more strict diet is provided for children who are fed on the adapted mixture . The average number of feedings is six, the intervals between them are 3-3.5 hours. The milk volume is calculated according to the following scheme: the child's weight divided by 6, the resulting figure divided by the number of diurnal feedings. On average, it is 150-180 ml of milk at a time. Nutrition of the child in 3 months for IV is the responsibility of the parents. The mother should be sure that the baby gets the norm food at the right time. But if he does not eat too much and asks for more "measure", you can not deprive him of additional food.

Child's regime in 3 months

Basics of the daily routine are important for the development of the baby. The child is 3 months ready to teach him to the regime. The main joy for parents is an adequate perception of the periods of wakefulness and sleep. The dark time is associated with rest. Baby mode at 3 months provides a longer night's sleep. It is important to accustom to places for feeding and rest, to lay without a bottle in your crib and not forget about walks in the fresh air. In the warm season, you can spend up to 6 hours on the street with a crumb.

How much should a child sleep in 3 months?

One of the main questions that worries parents: how many a child sleeps in 3 months? That life in the family goes on as usual, moms and dads try to get the kid to rest more at night and stay awake during the day. On average, three-month-olds sleep from 12 to 18 hours a day, most of them (8-10) fall at night, but it all depends on the temperament and correct behavior of the parents. The remaining 3-4 hours are allocated for daytime rest, which does not have to be uniform:

Baby 3 months does not sleep well

Often, parents face an unpleasant situation when the child sleeps poorly during the whole day at 3 months - hardly falls asleep, behaves anxiously, jumps up from any rustle. If it does not come out to adjust to the "normal" regime, the baby forms his own, but this does not affect his health, perhaps he has enough sleep. In other cases, the mode should be adjusted. Sleep of a child at 3 months may be violated by factors such as:

  1. A formed habit. For example, if in the first months of life the baby is used to falling asleep in a stroller during a walk, in the arms of his mother, and then suddenly he was deprived of this opportunity, it will not be easy to restructure. Therefore, from birth, the baby must fall asleep in the crib .
  2. Errors in feeding. A hungry child does not sleep well, perhaps he was not satisfied before retiring to bed. It is especially problematic to feed the baby at night, but the mother can quickly stick a bottle or give him a breast, so he will not wake up until morning.
  3. Health problems. Colic is the most common problem preventing babies from sleeping peacefully. It is timely to take care of the health of the digestive tract, so as not to encounter difficulties. Regular problems with sleep, the cause of which parents can not diagnose, require the advice of a pediatrician.

Baby in 3 months - development

In the first two months of the baby's life, he only gets used to the reality surrounding him: eating, sleeping, gaining strength. All caring for a child is reduced to caring for it - mechanical actions, daily rituals. This crumb is missing. But starting from the third month there are psychological needs: the kid needs emotions from the parents, he reacts to the smile of his mother, conversations, laughter. The child himself actively manifests emotions: he rejoices, "buzzes", cries and screams when he is dissatisfied with something.

The psychological development of a child at 3 months is characterized by the appearance of smell, the improvement of other sense organs (hearing, sight, touch), the emergence of interest in the world around them and the ability to express their emotions. The kid focuses on one subject (toy, mom), and watches him for a long time. At this time, the child is useful to wear on his hands, to show household items, to acquaint with bright pictures.

What should a baby be able to do in 3 months?

Young parents who only comprehend the basics of motherhood and paternity are concerned with the question: what can a child do in 3 months? Trying to match the norm, they compare the skills and achievements of their crumbs. All individually, and yet most children develop the same way. From the point of view of the physical and emotional state, the child should be able to do at 3 months:

How to develop a child in 3 months?

To make the child learn the world faster, it is useful to conduct training sessions with him in the form of games and exercises. Some actions a child can do on his own when in bed. To do this, bright rattles hang in the zone of visibility, in the reach are a tiny turnstile to which the baby is able to reach. This will help him to learn how to sit. A developing mat is also useful, with the help of which not only sight, but also touch is perfected.

The child is too small, but parents should allocate time for classes with the baby, 3 months - a good time to start reading fairy tales, dialogue, explanations (during walks, every thing you see should be called by their names). This will help lay the vocabulary, besides the kid is just pleased to hear the voice of my mother. You can do the usual gymnastics in a sound accompaniment: sing songs to a child, read poems.

Toys for babies 3 months

The best toys for this period: bright rattles, rubber figures (animals and people), dolls, developing mats. They should be pleasant to the touch. The abundance of colors and textures, published sounds will help attract the child's attention, help in the formation of tactile, auditory and visual sensations. A kid at 3 months needs to maintain a dialogue with adults, so it's good if the games are accompanied by parents' comments. When a child is allowed to play independently, it is important to make sure that the objects in his access are clean and not traumatic (without sharp edges, light).

3 months - massage to the child

Pediatricians recommend for full development every day to do a child massage, conducted in conjunction with games. Especially such procedures are important for premature babies and having problems with the muscles of the neck (hard head restraint). The main purpose of the massage is to develop and strengthen the muscular framework, the musculoskeletal system, the motor skills of the hands. Children at 3 months trying to learn how to turn over from the back to the stomach, charging will help them in this. For the massage, you should give 10-20 minutes a day, supplement it with bathing, exercises with the ball (fitball).

Recommendations for the massage:

  1. Begin the procedure in a good mood (both adults and children).
  2. If possible, carry out manipulations with clean, dry hands (without creams and powders).
  3. Accompany massage by talking, telling poems, nursery rhymes.
  4. The first movement (they are the final ones) are easy strokes, soothing the child.
  5. Alternately kneaded and massaged hands (from the shoulders to the fingers) with mixing and breeding, then the tummy, legs and back.
  6. Rubbing the knees strictly is not recommended. And the feet are handled very gently - from the heels to the fingers, without sudden movements.
  7. The back stretches from below upwards - from the buttocks to the shoulders.

Gymnastics for kids 3 months

Gymnastics is a useful procedure that should be practiced daily. The three-month-old kid acts according to the reflexes. If you raise it, gently keeping your hands by the breast, and keep it horizontally, the child will bend, raise the head and legs. This exercise is useful for the development of muscles. And if the lying baby is taken by the knee and pulled to the opposite side, it will start to roll over with the whole body following the leg. So he can quickly master the coup on his tummy.

A set of measures for the proper care of the baby includes proper nutrition (milk or mixture), a full rest, alternating with the load. Useful not only walks in the fresh air, but also charging the house, massage, developing exercises and games. All activities with the baby will not take away from parents a lot of time and effort. But thanks to them, a child in 3 months will be able to master all the necessary skills to harmoniously develop and keep up with peers.