Tips for parents of future first graders

Very soon the country of knowledge will open its doors to your child and a new life stage will begin for him. A period full of difficulties, first victories and sorrows. Therefore, if your child already appears on the list of enrolled, the portfolio is collected and the school uniform is waiting for its hour, pay due attention and finally make sure the child's psychological willingness to live and obey the new rules and the new statute.

Recommendations and advice for parents of future first graders

In the process of preparing for the school, adults should pay due attention to the psychological aspect. Basically, the general recommendations and advice for parents of future first-graders boil down to the need for the baby to correctly perceive the coming changes and interest in learning. Also, teachers recommend that you take special care of various kinds of moments related to the safety of your baby. And of course, to focus attention and teach the child to communicate with peers.

In general, despite the fact that all children are different, psychologists urge moms and dads to "work" with the baby in advance and bring to him "simple truths". So, the first thing that parents need to do:

  1. The child should go to school with pleasure and is proud of his new status as a first-grader. In this case, the task of adults is to add a warm attitude to the school and the coming changes.
  2. Make sure that the child has full information, which will allow him not to get lost. Necessarily the kid should know the name and the surname of his and his parents, home address and phone number. You also need to make sure that the little one knows who and under what circumstances you can tell it.
  3. Mode and order - a pledge of good progress and well-being. It is important to preliminarily teach the baby to the school routine of the day, and also teach him to keep his personal belongings and workplace in order.
  4. Difficulties and failures - everything is fixable. Do not put impossible tasks before the first-grader and teach him to adequately react to the setbacks. Not everything is given at once, and the educational process is rarely without bad marks and misunderstandings. The main thing is to react in time and take action, and friendly parents always stretch out the "helping hand" - the child should know about it.
  5. A sense of confidence will help to overcome the awkwardness and shyness, quickly become familiar with the new team and find friends. To bring up in the child this quality is necessary from an early age, but also during the summer months, you can achieve good results.
  6. And, of course, the list of advice and recommendations to parents of future first-graders for the summer can not do without a reminder of independence. Yes, a 6-7 year old child does not have all the things to do, but the ability to make decisions independently, taking into account the interests of all family members and certain circumstances, will help the child grow up a mature, wealthy person.