Vatican - interesting facts

If the object of your attention is the Vatican , interesting lies in wait for every step: in every branch of life of this state there is a huge number of curious and incredible facts, unique statistics and unique things.

The most interesting about the Vatican

  1. Here is the shortest railway in the world: 900 m.
  2. In the Vatican, ATMs offer a choice, including Latin.
  3. The Vatican is completely surrounded by the Italian capital, and is fully the property of UNESCO, there is no other such case in history.
  4. The Vatican Library has more than a million books, and shelves have a length of 42 km!
  5. Here they mint their own with the portrait of the pope.
  6. The oldest pharmacy in the world (founded in 1277) is in the Vatican.
  7. The airspace over the state is completely closed.
  8. Paradoxically interesting fact about the Vatican: there is a very high crime rate. On average, each resident has one crime (committed on the territory of the state) per year! And 90% of crimes are not disclosed.
  9. 95% of the Vatican's population are men. It almost does not register marriages and the birth of children. There were years when no births were registered, and during the existence of the state only 150 marriages were registered. Divorce in the country does not officially exist. Marriage can only be annulled.
  10. Vatican Radio broadcasts in 20 languages.
  11. The literacy rate in the Vatican is 100%.
  12. In the state there is only one sports institution: tennis courts, which are on the street with the name of the street, which is actually a narrow, short path. There is also a football field, but it looks like an ordinary glade. But there is a national football team and its own championship, only the names of the teams are peculiar: "Team of museums", "Telepost", "Library". An interesting fact: in the Vatican own football rules: the time lasts half an hour, and violators give out blue cards.
  13. Surprisingly, the Vatican has the lowest age of sexual consent. It has been preserved here since ancient times and is 12 years old. In Italy, for example, this norm has been changed for 14 years. And in other European countries it is several years higher.
  14. "And yet it turns" - the Vatican officially recognized it only recently, in 1992. Then the Vatican confirmed that the Earth is mobile and revolves around the Sun, and Galileo was right.
  15. The Vatican does not stand aside from the problems of our time. For example, here they discuss the idea of ​​assigning the saints Michael Jackson. And on the roof of one of the buildings is a huge amount of solar cells, which give a significant percentage of energy.
  16. The Vatican does not have its own prison.
  17. No traffic lights are installed in the Vatican.
  18. The Romans often prefer to use the postal services of the Vatican, as it works faster than the Italian. In the Vatican, the mail turnover is 8,000,000 letters per year.
  19. In the 16th century, in order to prove that the Catholic Church was not immersed in debauchery, it was decided to cover all the ancient statues with fig leaves. They were removed only after a considerable time - during the restoration.
  20. The digitized Vatican library is available to all comers for free.
  21. In many Vatican stores, only the ministers of the Holy See can buy. The prices here are low, but here you can not buy the goods, as it is shopping for the elite.
  22. Absolutely all the buildings of the Vatican are sights .
  23. The dome of St. Peter's Cathedral has a height of 136 m. The staircase to it has 537 steps.
  24. A trip to get around the Vatican State on the perimeter will last no more than an hour, but please note that a visa will be required to visit the country .
  25. The pope-mobile is designed specifically for all believers to see the pope passing through Rome.

The list of interesting facts of the Vatican state could be continued, but every tourist brings something special to him, discovered by him, which is much more valuable.