What does the name Arseniy mean?

Arseny's name is not very much on hearing. More common is the derivative of his form - Arsen or Senya. A man with that name simply has to be strong, courageous and courageous.

The name Arseniy, translated from Greek, means "courage", "man".

Origin of Arseny:

Arseny is a Russian male name of Greek origin. Brief form of the name Arsen. The diminutive form - gives the impression of a more solid sound than the full - Arseniy.

Characteristics and interpretation of the name Arseny:

Little Arsenii very rarely bring trouble to their parents, they are very kind and affectionate boys. Excellent students, diligent students, absolutely conflict-free, fairly sociable and very selective in matters of friendship. Often, under the pressure of parents can engage in music. Very fond of animals, especially dogs, are happy to take care of their pets, and the parents go to meet Arseny, setting up a four-legged friend in the house. They are stubborn, and this sometimes complicates the relationship with others. They like to lie a little, very little, and indeed, Arsenii do only what they like, because of what they get into all sorts of ridiculous situations. Arseny is rather vulnerable and sensitive, he feels sorry for everyone, and he tries to help everyone. He likes to read poetry, to perform on the school stage.

Growing up, Arseny becomes more withdrawn, somewhat selfish and very touchy. If you want to spoil relations with him, then try to play a trick on him. In some situations, it is rather difficult for him to stand up for himself, he does not have the determination and firmness of the winner, and Arseni generally has poor leadership qualities, he is not a leader in life, which makes him very difficult to advance on the career ladder. Pretty benevolent, but under the machine guns will not climb. He is loyal to his friends, although there are not many of them, and when his friends are near him, Arsenii is awoken with optimism and cheerfulness. If there is a quarrel with a friend, then the reconciliation will not be the first one, but he forgets quickly, and with joy forgives his offender.

Arseny has a very rich imagination, he is a creative person. Since his school days, he has the best compositions, so he can become a writer, although such professions as architect, designer, veterinarian, lawyer, clergyman, chauffeur are also suitable.

Arseny treats women with great respect. With his wife seeks not only to have a wonderful sexual relationship, but for him, intellectual interrelation and compatibility are very important. It is vitally important for him to have with his wife some common interests, for example, to listen to one music, watch certain films, read the same poems, books, and engage in the same sport. He seeks a trusting relationship with his second half, but if that does not happen, in most cases, the marriage falls apart. However, Arseny, if he marries a second time, then this issue is more prudent. For him, marriage is a friendly union of a kind. A wonderful parent, very fond of their children, especially daughters.

Interesting facts about the name of Arseny:

Very much like Arseny for the family life of a woman named Ada, Lyudmila, Zinaida, Alla.

The name is very rare in Russia, but it can often be found among the names of outstanding poets, writers, sculptors, directors.

Arseny's name in different languages:

Forms and variants of the name Arseny : Arsenyushka, Arsenya, Arsuta, Arsyusha, Susha, Asya, Senya, Arsya, Arsa

Arseniy - color of name : brown

Flower Arseniy : bell

Stone Arseniy : jasper