What is the name of Artemia?

The main quality of Artemia is persistence, it is characterized by purposefulness and perseverance.

In translation from the Greek, the name Artemy means "dedicated to Artemis".

Origin of the name Artemy:

The name Artemy is an old church version of the name "Artem". It occurs from the Greek "Artemis", which translates as "dedicated to Artemis". The Greek roots of the word also promise the owner of the name Artemy health and longevity.

Characteristics and interpretation of the name Artemy:

Since childhood, Artemii quiet and capricious. They are quickly bored by a peer group, they prefer to communicate with older children or with parents. It is very important for Artemiev to assert himself, to prove his strength and independence. They are rarely the first to engage in a fight, but not cowardly and always physically strong. In school they are ambitious and selective, they know exactly what they want. Curiosity in youth often attracts them to courageous experiments.

Artemiev has a complex and contradictory character. They are prone to inner passions and often suffer from doubt. One part of their nature requires sharpness and risk, and the other - strives for professional solvency and a quiet life. Artemia usually takes a long time to choose a profession, and it is often associated with travel, communication with people, management and coordination. Artemii - talented creators and successful managers, they are able to guess the mood of society and adapt to them. They often find themselves in art and bring to it new solutions and bold ideas. In his youth, Artemia is especially restless and ambitious, by the age of maturity they already plan to take place in work and start a family.

In dealing with people of Artemia, understanding and accommodating. Do not be angry with Artemy - he is not vindictive, but one "spacing" from Artemy the head will suffice to the subordinate to never again make mistakes in the work. As subordinates, they are initiative and curious, they seek to help and find the best solution to the problem. Focusing on a career, they rarely pay special attention to friendship, picky and exacting to close friends, but in the company treat all around equally equally and friendly. Under the mood able to capture attention and shine in its center, but do not tend to do it all the time.

Artemiev's love relations are also greatly influenced by their career aspirations. They often marry young, meticulously choosing a future wife - she must necessarily be a fragile beauty. But such early marriages often end in divorce. More stable unions are concluded by Artemy in adulthood, when they have already taken care of their career and know exactly what they want from the family.

Artemy is not a supporter of large families, it is cool to distant relatives, but loved ones are able to adore. Children often pamper, compensating for this with excessively strict requirements. In everyday life, sometimes loosening and eccentric, but very meticulously refers to the purity and beauty of the house. They appreciate a strong rear, they can be squander, but closer to old age, they become stingy.

Interesting facts about the name of Artemy:

"Winter" Artemii hot-tempered and witty, and "summer", on the contrary, are calm, generous and tolerant of people. Those born in the spring are restless and sociable, in the autumn they are wise, balanced and boring, they often become clergymen.

Artemiev's marriages with Christines, Angelins, Veronics, Catherines and Tatians are successful, alliances with Lydia, Oksana and Marii are not stable.

The name Artemy in different languages:

Forms and variants of the name of Artemy : Artemyushka, Artya, Artyusha, Tyusha, Artemka, Artemchik, Tema, Artunya, Tyunya, Artyukha, Artyosha

Artemy - name : dark blue

Artemia flower : chrysanthemum

Stone Artemia : beryl