What is the name of Ruslan?

The main features of Ruslan - justice and eternal search, the goal - an eternal desire for recognition.

The name Ruslan in translation from Turkic and Tatar means "lion".

Origin of the name Ruslan:

Whence actually there was a name Ruslan it is not known, but there is an assumption, that this name has been borrowed from the Turkic languages.

Characteristics and interpretation of the name Ruslan:

Since childhood, Ruslan is capricious and whimsical. He is cunning and can manipulate his parents so that they do not even notice it. Ruslans love to be praised, and constantly demand attention to their actions, it is difficult for them to be patient. Little Ruslans prefer to communicate with older members of the family, and not play with peers. In study they are ambitious, greedy for knowledge, but a little lazy, especially if they are not controlled and not stimulated. To Ruslan had a desire to learn, he should clearly see the benefits for himself. In his youth, Ruslan is freedom-loving, often changes desires and aspirations.

By nature, Ruslan is somewhat selfish and primarily cares about his interests, but if he manages to overcome natural egocentrism, he becomes a loyal and devoted friend. Ruslans are curious, inclined to travel and strive to get everything from life right away. The lack of Ruslan is laziness, and suspiciousness and melancholy can turn him into a grudge. It is important for Ruslan to train in himself patience, it is useful to him both in communication and in love.

In the team they are sociable, they love attention, they tend to "pull the blanket over themselves," but a balanced Ruslan can be a wonderful and attentive listener. In the work for Ruslan, there must necessarily be an opportunity to assert itself and reach career heights, otherwise it becomes sluggish, sarcastic and capricious. Ruslans prefer accuracy in sciences, but in people - punctuality, they are sensitive to the rules of behavior accepted in society, but they do not mind occasionally shocking relatives and acquaintances. From Ruslanov talented artists and clever politicians are obtained. They are characterized by a rapid change of emotions in accordance with the expectations of others, and they have a quick, clear and competent speech, they are capable of capacious generalizations and clever remarks. Ruslan is ambitious and capable of self-denial. It is very important for him the speed of the implementation of plans, he is impatient and hasty, but a really important thing will do for a long time and persistently, without being distracted by anything. Ideal for Ruslan area of ​​activity is one in which his achievements will be immediately appreciated, and human recognition is often more important for him than monetary payment.

In relations, Ruslan is demanding, fastidious and picky, his lady of the heart must have many suitable qualities. Envy of other men for Ruslan is important. Marriage of Ruslana is seen as a necessary and indispensable step in life growth. To the chosen one they are jealous and exacting, they can flare up at nothing and harbor insult.

In bed, Ruslan is dominant, does not tolerate when they try to control him, loves experiments and new sensations. Very often Ruslanov has two marriages in his life, he sincerely loves children, but in many respects this is due to the fact that he plays the role of a good father in public. He always treats his parents and older relatives with respect, asks their advice.

Interesting facts about the name of Ruslan:

The quietest of Ruslanov - born in autumn and summer, the most capricious and unstable - in the winter. "Summer" Ruslana - good leaders and cunning politicians.

In a comfortable relationship with Ruslan next to Ada, Olga and Eugenia, he feels the inconvenience in alliance with Daria and Irina.

Name Ruslan in different languages:

Forms and variants of the name Ruslan : Rusya, Ruska, Rusik, Ruslanchik, Ruslanka

Ruslan - color of name : gold

Ruslan's Flower : dandelion

Ruslan's Stone : Aventurine