Why do hair cut?

Beautiful and well-groomed locks are an ornament of a woman of any age. Unfortunately, many of our contemporaries are distressed by the state of hair: they lose their luster, split, and break. We represent the opinion of trichologist specialists on why the hair breaks and breaks.

The reasons why the hair is cut off and fall out

There are several reasons for the change in the condition of the hair. We note the main factors that have a negative effect on the hair condition.

The impact of the environment

Low humidity, frequent exposure to the open sun and strong wind, chlorinated water - all this does not have the best effect on the hairstyle. In this connection, it is recommended to protect the hair with a headdress when you are long on the street in cold weather and under direct sunlight, wear a bathing cap when visiting the pool, and in dry and hot weather, use hair moisturizers.


An unbalanced diet is a common cause of unpleasant changes in appearance. After a long stay on a diet (especially a mono-diet), the lady notices undesirable changes. A woman is upset by the result, and one of the questions that torments her: why do hair ends cut off? All is simple: in the diet there is not enough iodine, copper, vitamins A, C, E, D, H, F, PP, group B and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Diseases of the digestive system

Disturbance of the absorption of nutrients due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract is also a common reason why the hair is severed severely at the ends. At a dysbacteriosis calcium, iron and other microelements necessary for an organism are badly acquired, the synthesis of vitamins is lowered.

Bad habits

Mostly, smoking causes a crushing blow to the hair. Alcohol abuse leads to the destruction of vitamins A and B, necessary for normal functioning of the body and important for the structure of the hair.

Improper care

The use of poor quality or non-conforming hair care products has a negative effect on the condition of the strands. Careful rinsing and proper drying of hair are also important. From materials for combs, wood or ceramics is preferable.

Daily use of hair styling appliances harms hair and scalp, where hair follicles are located. Experts advise: do not often use irons, hairdryers, ploys, etc. appliances. Significant harm is caused by the constant wearing of gum and some types of hairpins.

Effect of medication

In rare cases, problems with the condition of the hair arise after taking medications. And sometimes the consequences of the use of drugs become obvious, after several months. Typically, this side effect occurs after taking funds from high blood pressure, pain medications and antidepressants. The treating physician should then choose an alternative to the drug or lower the dose before the end of therapy.

Other reasons

Certain diseases can cause cross-section and hair loss. Such diseases as hypothyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, viral and fungal infections, are the cause of death of hair follicles, changes in hair structure.

Nervous exhaustion can not but affect the condition of the head of hear. After severe stress, the hair may become dull, thinner, and even fall out.

A high level of PH causes delamination of fine hairs. To wash the head with sensitive skin and a weak cuticle, it is advisable to use a special shampoo , perhaps even a baby shampoo .