10 previously unknown facts about mayonnaise

We eat it every day, we add it to salads, and some smear on bread. Who would have thought, but there are a lot of interesting rumors about this product and there is a lot of fascinating information. Believe me, after reading the facts below, you take a different look at this product.

1. 60% fat and 31% of calories of chicken sandwich "Burger King" falls out only on mayonnaise.

2. If you do not want to harm your own health, do not choose mayonnaise, which includes egg yolk powder. The main evil contained in this ingredient is cholesterol.

3. Mayonnaise is the most commonly used sauce in the world. For example, in the US alone, only $ 2 billion mayonnaise is eaten each year.

4. Did you know that the first invented mayonnaise was called "Magnes"? If you believe the Oxford English dictionary, this sauce was called "mayonnaise" by mistake, which appeared in the cookbook of 1841.

5. Do you still buy mayonnaise, or rather have not tried to do it in your kitchen? Believe me, these two sauces will differ in taste. In the purchase, cheap ingredients are used, thanks to which the manufacturer reduces the prime cost, increases the shelf life and profit of the product.

6. IBM, through a series of studies, concluded that mayonnaise can replace thermal paste for a short while, but vegetable oil will be ideal for this task.

7. Mayonnaise will help to wash off the resin.

8. If you eat this sauce (especially purchased) in large quantities, then you can lie down with poisoning. In addition, it is not recommended to eat people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

9. Hot sauce for sushi is made from mayonnaise and shrarichi (one of the types of chili sauce).

10. Did you know that it was created by accident?

It happened during the Seven Years' War (1756-1763), when the troops of the Duke of Richelieu had great problems with the supply of food. Of the remaining vegetable oil, eggs and lemons, the cook decided to try to make the sauce, which turned out quite tasty and was called "mayonnaise".