6 months old baby - what can a baby, how to feed and develop a baby in six months?

Half a year is one of the most important stages in the child's physical and emotional growth. The child at 6 months begins to more consciously manipulate toys, trying to communicate with other people. Kroha tries his first lure and even forms taste preferences.

Height and weight of the child in 6 months

Physical indicators of the baby depend on many factors, including heredity and sex, so they are presented in a wide range. Growth of a child in 6 months:

Allowable weight of the child is 6 months:

Nutrition of the child in 6 months

To height and weight of the baby are within the above standards, it should fully and regularly eat. The main food for the baby in 6 months is still breast milk or an adapted mixture, but closer to the end of the first half of life, it is necessary to introduce complementary foods. Pediatricians allow both basic and pedagogical methods. In the first case, new meals are offered to crumbs on schedule and in limited quantities. The second option - the child himself tries tiny portions of dishes from the "adult" table, to which he has food interest.

Menu babies in 6 months

Mother's milk remains the main in the diet of a six-month-old baby, but at lunch it can be offered a new dish. Feeding baby in 6 months with a normal body weight should start with vegetable purees . For their preparation, hypoallergenic products growing in the region where the child lives are better suited:

Puree is made only from one vegetable and water. Do not add salt, sugar or oil, this is too intense a load on the digestive system of crumbs. At portability it is possible to diversify the menu of the child in 6 months fruit purees . They should be administered 10-15 days after the test of vegetables. Simple single-component purees from such fruits will suit:

Milk porridge pediatricians recommend to enter later than six months. Their inclusion in the diet is allowed if at 6 months the child lacks body weight. It is better to cook gluten-free cereals:

Lure begins with a sample to track the reaction of crumbs to a new product. For the first time it is desirable to give the baby a 0.5-1 tsp dish. Gradually, you can increase the portion to the maximum limit. Daily allowance for complementary feeding for 6 months:

Menu of the child on IV in 6 months

Children receiving the adapted mixture are better suited to digesting new products. Artificial feeding of children 6 months continues, but is not the main component of the baby's diet. Milk mixtures are included in the menu in the amount of 400-500 ml. The rest of the food is lure. Its variety and portions depend on how much the child weighs in 6 months, what foods he has a food interest in, whether there are allergic reactions to certain dishes. Approximate recommendations on the amount of complementary foods per day:

Child's regime in 6 months

With half a year the amount of continuous, night and daytime sleep of the baby varies. The child's regime becomes closer to the adult schedule in half a year. The crumb still wakes up regularly for feeding, but does it less often. With normal development, health and a stable emotional state, a baby in 6 months at night can rest without awakening for about 7 hours in a row.

How much should a child sleep in six months?

The total duration of sleep of the baby at the considered age is about 12-14 hours. More than half of this time is at night (up to 10 hours). Daytime sleep of the child in half a year is 3-4 hours:

A child at 6 months does not sleep well

Sleep disturbances and anxiety often occur during the described period, especially after 19-20 hours. The child at 6 months does not sleep well at night due to teething . At this stage of development, the lower incisors grow, which cause itching of the gums, tenderness and swelling of the soft tissues in the mouth. Other factors that cause sleep deterioration in semipermanent babies:

Development of the child in 6 months

Six months is a significant date in the life of crumbs. By this moment, the kid has acquired a lot of new physical and emotional skills, makes first attempts at communication, learns to control his body. When the child turns six months old, parents need to buy educational toys, give the baby more time for joint entertainment. In addition, you need to take care of safety in the premises, the crumb can already move independently.

What can a child do in 6 months?

A half-year-old baby freely turns from back to belly and back, many children like to spin like a whirligig. There is a list of basic skills that a baby should be able to have in 6 months:

What should a child be able to do six months in an emotional way:

Parents should take into account that every kid is unique in his development. Some children begin to sit, crawl and perform other expected actions at 6 months, others - a little later, some crumbs miss certain stages, immediately moving to more complex tasks. It is important to allow a child to grow up according to his personal rhythm, not to force anything to do "through strength."

How to develop a baby in 6 months?

In the education of half-year-old crumbs, both mother and father must take part. When the child turns six months old, he understands the difference between "his" and "other" people, enjoys attention from family members and behaves cautiously with strangers. To properly mature the child should be given time to improve both physical, emotional, and social skills. Development of the baby in 6 months suggests:

Toys for baby 6 months

By the first half of the crumb, the grasping reflex is already well mastered, but fine motor skills need to be improved. Suitable toys for children 6 months:

Games with a child in 6 months

It is very easy to entertain a crumb in six months, he will like even household things - a pan with a lid, a rustling packet, clothes with large buttons. If for 6 months the child was given a lot of developing toys, parents should help the child to learn them. You can collect and dismantle the pyramid, the matryoshka, and the puzzle piece together. The main thing is to comment on your understandings and actions of the baby, calling him by name ("Dasha put on, took off the ring"). During such games it is important to show the crumbs how to move your hands correctly, what to do with objects.

A special place in the development of young children is played by nursery rhymes. They not only amuse, but also teach the child to understand words, to feel the rhythm, to establish a connection between them and the subsequent actions. Spending for babies 6 months can be practiced from the very morning, supplementing them with charging and washing:

  1. We woke up. We woke up. Sweetly sweetly stretched, Mom and Dad smiled.
  2. This is who has already woken up? Who so sweetly stretched? Potayagushi-potyagushhechki, from socks to makushechki. We stretch, stretch, we will not stay small. That's how quickly we grow, that's how we go.
  3. The cheeks washed. Spout washed. And eyes - they forgot.
  4. You give me handles, but get up off the bed. Let's go wash up. Where is the water? Let's find!
  5. Aw, frets, frets, frets. We are not afraid of water. We wash our faces cleanly, and smile to our mother.

Flows for fine motor skills:

  1. Boy-finger, where have you been? With this brother borscht cooked, with this brother went to the forest, with this brother ate a cat, with this brother of the song he sang (bend fingers).
  2. One, two, three, four, five! We'll count the fingers. Strong and amicable, all so necessary. Fingers are fast, smart and clean. This finger wants to sleep, this finger - jump into bed! This finger - took a nap, this finger - fell asleep. This finger does not sleep, it tries to escape.
  3. Finger thick and big in the garden for the cherry went. The pointer pointed to the road from the threshold. Finger average - the most accurate, he knocks down cherries from a branch. Unnamed collection, the cherry bucket fills. And myzinchik-gospodchik in the ground pits.

When the child turns 6 months old, he knows how to laugh genuinely, so he definitely needs to read funny, entertaining nurses:

  1. Two firemen fled (pat one and the second cheek of the baby), and pressed the button (touch the spout): beep!
  2. The sun, the sun, look in the window. Bring me some time, I'll give you peas.
  3. Rain, drip more cheerfully. Drip, drip, do not pity. Only do not wet us, you knock on the window.
  4. The sun is looking through the window, Masha (the name of the child) is shining into the room. We clapped our hands, very glad to the sun.
  5. What kind of legs, what legs? These are the legs of our baby. Neither dog nor cat will not give such a leg. These legs, our legs will run along the path.

Children are entertained by the simplest games, for example, "ku-ku", and old nursery rhymes, which also contribute to the development of motor skills and orientation in space:

Cartoons for babies 6 months

Not all modern pediatricians advise that the child be attached to gadgets, television or computers at such an early age. Development of the child in half a year is fully realized without cartoons, most experts say that there is no value in them. If the parents decided to show entertaining programs, their viewing should last no more than 10 minutes a day. In 6-7 months the child can display the following cartoons:

Gymnastics for babies 6 months

Exercises contribute to the normal formation of the musculoskeletal system and strengthen the muscles. To baby 6 months properly developed, you need to regularly do simple gymnastics:

  1. "Fumes" with the support of the hands on the stomach.
  2. Crawl with.
  3. Bending and unbending legs (one at a time and one at a time).
  4. "Flying boat" with support (handles are diverted to the sides).