Acne lotion - how to choose a finished product or make it yourself?

Lotion of acne is in the arsenal of every self-respecting representative of the fair sex. This tool is used to combat acne and other rashes of different origins. A suitable quality lotion will help to remove not only the rash, but also the redness that remains after it.

Lotion for the face - what is it for?

Different means perform excellent functions. Lotion for washing for problem skin, for example, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, soothes the epidermis and relieves redness. Some of the products also contain components that help accelerate regeneration. Due to this, the skin of the face is restored sooner after the rashes.

Anti-inflammatory lotions are periodically recommended to alternate with cleansers. This is to ensure that the pores do not accumulate dirt and particles of dead epidermis. Otherwise, due to blockage, inflammation may begin. Do not hurt to have in the cosmetic bag and lotions, narrowing the pores or those that have a matting effect.

Does acne lotion help?

With a variety of eruptions, a large number of modern girls and women are suffering. For them, a facial lotion for acne is a real salvation. A quality product dries the skin, disinfects it, eliminates inflammation. The main thing to understand that acne lotion is not suitable for removing make-up and it is undesirable to use it to cleanse a healthy epidermis. It is best to apply it after washing to the place of accumulation of rashes.

It is important to remember that acne lotion is not a panacea, and with too thick a rash can be ineffective. Solitary acne is also a good remedy for the first time. Lotions are mostly intended for repeated use, but after one procedure the appearance of the face will improve - the redness will decrease, the pimples will become less noticeable.

Lotion for the face - composition

Many preparations are prepared on the basis of benzoyl peroxide. This substance has an antimicrobial effect. With a rash of fungal origin, triclosan does well. A good lotion for problem skin contains water and alcohol. Some manufacturers add sulfur to their funds, as it effectively removes inflammation. Sometimes in the composition of the cleansing liquid you can meet:

Pharmaceutical acne lotions

Before buying any liquid, it is advisable to consult with a specialist. The doctor will help to determine the type of skin, the nature of the rashes, their origin and will tell what tool will be more effective. This is important, because a variety of lotions from acne in the pharmacy on the skin of each person act in their own way, and a substance that perfectly fits one, the other can even do much harm.

Lotion from acne Propeller

It was developed specifically for the care of problem skin. It is a lotion from acne with zincidone, which acts very quickly. The product helps to normalize the fat balance in the cells of the epidermis. As a result, the skin is cleansed, and all pathogenic microorganisms that can harm it are destroyed. Loson Propeller from acne prevents the appearance of new tubercles, refreshes the epidermis, aligns its tone and texture. Fluid is used as needed.

Lotion from acne Clearwater

This tool is prepared according to an ancient recipe, because it is called Ayurvedic. Lotion against acne The cleansing consists of natural components:

Thanks to a balanced combination of these components, the liquid acts gently - without exposing the body to additional loads - and at the same time effectively. Lotion from Acne Cleanser is suitable for all skin types. It can be safely used for everyday washing and even to cleanse the face of cosmetics. To achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to apply Clarvin cream in parallel with the lotion.

Lotion from acne Clerasil

The cleanser acts quickly. Lotion for problem skin of the face Klerasil eliminates excess skin fat, narrows the pores, destroys pathogenic microorganisms. The first positive changes become noticeable less than a day after the application of the substance. Among other things, this salicylic lotion from acne cleans the epidermis from dead cells, relieves inflammation and masks hyperemia. It is not recommended to apply Clarysil on the skin around the eyes. After applying it, you do not need to wash it.

Lotion of pimples Yves Rocher

Problem skin requires more attention to itself. It must be cleaned regularly and gently moistened. In addition, the problematic epidermis needs constant protection. Complex care can provide a cleansing lotion against acne Yves Rocher. The agent acts effectively due to a successful combination of active ingredients in the formulation. Aloe vera extract soothes the epidermis, and salicylic acid dries up inflammation, fights infection. The lotion destroys the available and does not allow the appearance of new acne.

Acne lotion at home

You do not have to worry if you can not buy an expensive branded product. No less effective lotion for pimples and acne can be prepared at home with their own hands. A lot of time it does not take, and the result of use will pleasantly please. Take, for example, a lotion with retinol from acne. It is prepared by adding a few drops of vitamin A to the chamomile-calendula broth. You can wipe this face up to 5 times a day with such a medicine.

Cucumber lotion from acne

You can buy it in the pharmacy, but it's much more pleasant to cook yourself. The main condition - do not forget that home cucumber lotion for the face from acne has a short shelf life. After completion of its useful properties of the vegetable disappear, and it ceases to be effective. It is better to prepare the medicine in small portions and store in the refrigerator for no longer than two days.

Cucumber lotion from acne


Preparation and use

  1. Cucumbers grate on a large grater.
  2. Pour the vegetable mass with alcohol and transfer the future lotion into a container with a tight-fitting lid.
  3. After two weeks strain and dilute with water.
  4. You can wipe your face with the resulting lotion every day.

Lotion of acne from laurel leaf

Spice has long been used in cooking, before it began to pay attention to beauticians. The bay leaf is good for its antioxidant properties. In addition, the products prepared on its basis, tone up the skin and prolong its youth. If you use lotion from the bay leaf outwardly, intracellular metabolism of the epidermis will improve.

Lotion from acne from bay leaves - recipe


Preparation and use

  1. Laurel fill with water
  2. Put the future lotion on the stove and keep it on low heat.
  3. After the mixture boils, wait until its number is reduced by three times.
  4. Cool the lotion and use to wipe the skin.

Lotion of pimples with levomitsetinom

You should have noticed that this substance is a part of most drugs designed to fight acne. Although pharmacy products with levomitsetinom and are in an affordable price category, they are often replaced with homemade analogs. There are many explanations for this. The main argument "for": home lotion is cheap and better quality. Many argue that the home-made remedy helps to fight the rash even better than the expensive brand.

Effective acne lotion with levomitsetinom


Preparation and use

  1. All components are combined in one vial and mixed thoroughly.
  2. Pour the resulting mass into a container with a tight-fitting lid.
  3. Before use, the lotion must be shaken.

Best anti-acne lotions

To name a few good tools is hard. Different lotions for each organism act in their own way. In order to choose a suitable medicine, you need to consider several factors:

  1. The reason for the appearance of acne. If the rash is the result of excessive expansion of the pores, you will need funds that can narrow them. Acne caused by infection is treated with fluids containing antibacterial components.
  2. Allergy. People with this problem should choose hypoallergenic lotions.
  3. Type of skin. Cosmetics should fully correspond to it. Otherwise, even the best acne lotion will be either useless or will cause harm.
  4. Composition. In quality products there should not be products of oil refining, synthetic additives and artificial flavors.

Effective lotion should not clog pores. Lack of oxygen leads to a deterioration of the epidermis, the spread of pimples on large surfaces. Good cosmetics works in a complex way, but you need to apply it for several days or weeks - depending on the skin condition. To increase the effectiveness of the drug, it does not hurt to adhere to proper nutrition.

Choose the same good lotion you can from such a list of drugs: