Bedroom design - important moments of interior design

Scientists have proved that people spend a third of their lives in the bedroom, so the bedroom design is very important. The main thing is that the room was cozy, a person could relax and relax after a day's work. There are a large number of styles that are suitable for decorating a bedroom.

Modern bedroom design

To ensure that after the repair the room was not only beautiful, but also cozy, it is important to take into account a few tips:

  1. Modern design can be bold and original, it can be used, for example, when decorating a ceiling, making it multilevel.
  2. It is recommended to combine different materials, for example, in the decoration of walls. Using modern ideas, the bedroom design will be original and cozy.
  3. For registration, you can choose any color gamut, but keep in mind that bright and sharp tones are irritating to the nervous system.

Design of wallpaper for bedroom

Among the building materials periodically there are new options for decoration, but the wallpaper does not lose its popularity. There are different types of wallpaper , which differ in the type of materials, which reflects their advantages and disadvantages. It is fashionable to choose, combining the design of wallpaper for the bedroom, combined options, combining, for example, a strip of the same color and with a pattern. Among the designers popular is the patchwork technique. Thanks to this, you can expand the space, create visual effects, zoning, or focus on a specific area of ​​the room.

Design of curtains for bedrooms

Being in the bedroom, a person should feel protected, so without curtains, closing the window can not do. Choosing a bedroom design in an apartment, select curtains, given several rules:

  1. When choosing a shade, note that curtains should be suitable for other elements of the interior. They should be combined with a blanket on the bed.
  2. To reduce the lighting, choose curtains with drapes, but visually increase the room's transparent fabrics.
  3. Do not choose curtains similar in color to the walls and ceiling, because the room will be faded.
  4. If the wallpaper has a pattern, then choose a monophonic fabric.

Bedroom design with photo wallpapers

Recently, it has become again fashionable to decorate the room with photo wallpapers , the more there is a huge selection of drawings. It is important that they are combined with furniture, textiles and accessories. The design of the walls in the bedroom with the help of photo wallpapers implies the presence of a free or well-viewed wall, so that the picture does not close anything. Can not be used in the interior of suspended ceilings, paintings, lamps and photos within, as the room will be oversaturated. It is important to take a responsible approach to choosing a design that must match the general style.

Design of the ceiling in the bedroom

Many undeservedly at registration miss the attention of the ceiling and make a mistake, because it helps create the desired atmosphere. There are several types of ceilings that can be used in the bedroom:

  1. Painted or wallpapered. This option looks both simple and beautiful. To implement it, care must be taken to ensure that the surface is perfectly flat.
  2. Stretch. The design of stretch ceilings in the bedroom is a common option, because it is easy to assemble and the canvases have a wide range of colors.
  3. Adhesive. The use of expanded polystyrene boards is gradually becoming a thing of the past, as the material is not environmentally friendly.
  4. Mounted. With the advent of plasterboard, designers were able to realize different ideas. With it, you can achieve the original shape and hide the flaws of the surface. More bold option - a mirror ceiling.
  5. Combined. The design of the bedroom can be made original, combining on the canopy, for example, wood and plasterboard. When choosing combinations, it is important to consider that the materials must complement each other.

Bedroom Interior Design

To make the room beautiful and cozy, you need to choose the appropriate style for decoration. Thanks to this it will be easier to determine the color palette, choose furniture, decor and other design elements. Choose the style should be based on your own preferences, so that it was comfortable. The design of the bedroom in a modern style is made in the style of high-tech , modern and so on.

Classic bedroom design

Lovers of luxury and beauty should choose a classic, which implies the use of symmetry, warm palette, natural wood, stucco and exquisite decor.

  1. If the budget is large, then for decorative walls it is better to take decorative plaster, combining it with ceramics and even natural stone. Budget option - wallpaper with a picture. On the floor, traditionally, the parquet floor is made of expensive wood, but the shelves are decorated with stucco molding.
  2. The bedroom in the classical style implies the use of heavy and massive furniture: a wide bed, a wardrobe, two bedside tables and a dressing table.
  3. Massive should be curtains, which can be made of velvet, brocade, satin or viscose.
  4. Artificial lighting should not be much.

Bedroom in Provence style

Romantic and gentle people will feel comfortable in the style of Provence , which appeared in France. It is characterized by the use of white, floral ornaments and numerous decorative elements.

  1. In the color scheme, choose pastel colors, but bright and dark colors do not fit. To dilute the design can be used: blue, lavender, green, olive and so on.
  2. Furniture for the bedroom in the style of Provence should be selected carefully. If possible, buy vintage furniture, although you can artificially age any item.
  3. In the Provencal style, natural materials are used, but the decoration should not look perfect, for example, the walls can be roughly plastered. The floor must be wooden, that is, the country style is welcomed.
  4. To illuminate the room, use artificial light, for example, a large suspended chandelier. Ideal look in the design of the bedroom in the style of Provence forged chandeliers. For table lamps, choose options in which the lampshades have floral prints.

Bedroom in loft style

In recent years, the loft style has become popular, in which different architectural directions are combined. With proper design, you can get a stylish and original design.

  1. The design of a small bedroom implies the use of practical and simple models of furniture. It is worth noting that there should not be many items, but the decor should be completely abandoned.
  2. To get an original solution, you need to combine different materials and textures, which contrast with each other.
  3. The style of the loft implies that part of the walls in the room should remain without decoration and more often it is the wall where the head of the bed is. Mandatory are large mirrors without frames.
  4. Used in the design of the bedroom is a natural color scheme and it is better to choose cold shades.
  5. To give originality, you can use small exclusive things. They can be done by yourself or by a specialist.

Bedroom in modern style

Novelties in the design of the sleeping room appear regularly, so everyone will be able to find an acceptable option for themselves. The interior of the bedroom in a modern style implies the following rules:

  1. To make the space uniform, you must observe harmony in the color scheme. For background use neutral shades, for example, red / gently blue, cream / white and brown / chocolate.
  2. Decorate the walls with decorative plaster, original wallpaper and panels.
  3. Modern bedroom design welcomes modular furniture, which is easy to change places, and heavy headphones do not fit.
  4. As for the decorative elements, you should not use curls, massive bronze and drapery.

Bedroom in Scandinavian style

The main features in the Scandinavian direction are minimalism in decoration and maximalism in functionality. The design of the bedroom in light colors is cozy and peaceful, which is ideal for relaxing. Orientation is necessary for the following features of the Scandinavian style:

  1. Of great importance is the choice of floor coverings, which must be wood and natural shade. Whitewashed boards are suitable for rooms with windows facing north.
  2. Lighting should be as natural as possible. The choice is better to stop on soft diffusing light, and the lamps should be as simple as possible in form and design.
  3. In this style, traditionally it is not customary to use curtains, but if to such an open life a person is not ready, then it is better to choose blinds or Roman linen curtains.
  4. When choosing furniture, be guided by the fact that it should be comfortable, made of natural wood and fit the general style.
  5. The purpose of the decor is to consolidate the idea. Suitable wooden frames with landscapes, wicker baskets, bright pillows and several plants in pots made of wood or ceramics.

Bedroom in high-tech style

Who loves laconism, simplicity and restraint, then in the design of the room should stay on this option. To create a bedroom design in a house, it is necessary to take into account such nuances:

  1. Used modern accessories and furniture. It is also necessary to take into account the technical equipment of the premises.
  2. The main object of the bedroom is a bed, which must be black, blue or red. Finishing and other pieces of furniture are selected according to neutral colors: white, gray, metallic and others.
  3. All surfaces should reflect the color and be smooth: wide floor boards, stretch ceilings and metallized wallpaper.
  4. The design of the bedroom in the style of high-tech uses space and a lot of light. Suitable halogen lamps, string lights and soffits.
  5. As design solutions, you can use large mirrors to increase the space, metallized textiles and a shiny, monophonic carpet with a large pile.

Bedroom in Art Deco style

People who do not like the design of premises of any standards and restrictions, can use the art deco style, so you can realize their bold ideas. The design features in this style include:

  1. Presence of zigzag lines, trapezoid forms, distinct outlines and frames. In the design use the principle of gradation.
  2. The design of a bedroom with a balcony and without it in Art Deco style should use no more than three colors, where two are basic, and the third is used for decor and in most cases, it is gold, bronze or silver. Popular basic combinations: black / white, beige / chocolate and blue / gray.
  3. This style uses unusual combinations of different materials, for example, wood framed by metal or stones, leather and animal skins, glossy tiles in combination with metals.
  4. The design of the bedroom implies the use of numerous lamps of different shapes. They are often attached at different levels.
  5. The used textiles should be luxurious, heavy and rich in texture.