Cleaning the iron at home - the best tips and advice for effective cleaning

Any mistress of the decision of such a question as cleaning the iron sooner or later begins to interest. As the producers promise, modern electric appliances for ironing are made from such materials, which are almost not spoiled. In practice, not everything is so perfect - the soles of irons are polluted after a long operation.

Cleaning the iron at home from carbon deposits

Dark spots on the soleplate of the appliance can appear at any time - it's enough to just pat them with the wrong temperature mode. Before clearing the iron from burnt synthetics or other pieces of fiber, it is important to determine which method is suitable for a particular technique. Chrome or aluminum heated surfaces are easily cleaned with a wooden spatula or plastic brush-brush. The Teflon or ceramic plane is allowed to be processed using only sparing techniques.

How to clean the Teflon-coated iron?

Techniques with Teflon soles should not be rubbed with abrasive blends. They can damage the material, leave scratches. Than you can clean the Teflon-coated iron:

  1. Heat the iron to a minimum heat, gently wipe the sole with soap and leave for 40 minutes. It will begin to melt and soften the debris. Next, clean the sole with a moistened sponge and clean the steam holes with cotton wicks - together with the remains of the soap, the stuck dirt will disappear.
  2. Teflon is easily cleaned with vinegar. The flat of the sole is wiped with intensive movements moistened in the composition with a rough side of the sponge. After a piece of unnecessary cotton cloth should be moistened with vinegar and iron it with an iron to get rid of the debris.
  3. Using a liquid alcohol diluted 1: 1 in water, moisten a rag or a non-rigid sponge and wipe the heated surface of the iron. The procedure can be repeated more than once, until the spots disappear.
  4. With hydrogen peroxide, moisten a piece of cotton wool and wipe the slightly heated surface of the iron. The agent softens the contamination and facilitates its removal. The smell during such cleaning is absent. The holes for steam are cleaned with a cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide.

How to clean a ceramic iron?

All methods for cleaning Teflon surfaces are acceptable for ceramic. There are several proven methods. How to clean ceramic iron sole:

  1. Wet the cotton disc with nail polish remover or acetone and wipe all problem areas. It is important to ensure that chemicals do not get on the plastic parts of the iron. Particularly well, the nail polish remover helps to clean the surface of adherent cellophane and synthetic resin residues.
  2. Hydroperite - an excellent tool for cleaning irons. Putting on your hands gloves and taking a pill, you need to hold it over the areas of accumulation of carbon (the iron preheats in advance). Plaque from the soles begins to flake off. When using this method, a sharp odor is allocated, so it is better to use it in a ventilated apartment or on the street.
  3. Soda mixed with water until pasty consistency. The agent should be applied to a rag and wiped off the soiled areas on the soleplate of the iron. After cleaning the iron, the remaining soda is removed with a clean rag. The remedy will help to get rid of both weak and strong spots.

Cleaning the iron with citric acid

Cleaning iron with citric acid - a long-known method, suitable for all surfaces. The product cleans the technique well of both deposit and scale . How to clean the iron at home with citric acid:

  1. A tablespoon of citric acid should be diluted in a glass of warm water.
  2. Heated sole should be wiped with gauze moistened with solution or with a cotton pad.
  3. Hard holes are wiped with cotton buds.
  4. The agent can also be poured into the iron reservoir. Then warm up the equipment to the maximum temperature and hold several cycles of stripping over the basin. With the liquid, debris from the reservoir and the stripping holes will also be removed.

How to clean the iron with salt?

Food salt - the most popular means for cleaning the iron, which was used even before the appearance of various household chemicals in stores. But it can not be used for teflon or ceramic surfaces. How to clean the iron from burnt salt:

  1. Put on the ironing board a cotton cloth, a paper towel, which you do not mind throwing away, or a piece of paper.
  2. Pour a tablespoon of salt onto the cloth.
  3. Turn on the iron for a maximum of heat and turn off steam.
  4. To iron a salt-sprinkled towel or paper with pressure until the blackness is gone. At the same time, from the soles of the soles, the carbon will adhere to the salt, the surface of the iron will gradually be cleaned up to a mirror state.

How to clean the iron with toothpaste?

A conventional toothpaste can be used to clean the surface of the iron. But for this you need to purchase a white remedy, not a gel. How to clean the surface of the iron toothpaste:

  1. A small amount of paste should be applied on a slightly heated sole, lubricate well the problem areas.
  2. After this, you should wait for the paste to dry completely and then wipe the area with a clean rag.
  3. Then warm up the iron and iron them with the old unwanted cloth to get rid of the debris.

Cleaning Iron Pencil

Cleaning an iron with a special chemical pencil is considered the best way to get rid of carbon. But this remedy is only for external processing. Do not try to use it to remove scale inside the appliance, trying to crush the pencil. Manufacturers guarantee the removal of carbon deposits, scale, fiber deposits and starch. The product does not contain any harmful impurities and is safe for health. Cleaning the iron at home using a pencil:

  1. It is necessary to turn on the iron, heat it up, disconnect it from the socket and ground with a pencil.
  2. After a while, a chemical reaction will begin, and the softened carbon will be removed easily with a dry soft cloth.
  3. After the iron must be wiped with a damp cloth. It should become clean, and the sole is better to slide over the surface of the fabric.
  4. You can perform cleaning in another way: pour water in the tank, apply a pencil on the heated sole. Take the old unnecessary thing and iron it using steam mode.

Cleaning the iron from scaling

In the process of working in the steam supply channels, the elements of the container and the sole of the iron form a layer of minerals. It appears from tap water, which is rich in salts and microelements. The layer accumulates in the form of scale, clogs holes in the sole and, in due course, can lead to a breakdown of the appliance. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to choose an effective means for cleaning the iron and sometimes to clean the internal reservoir of equipment.

How to clean the iron from scale with vinegar?

Acetic acid is a weak active substance that is able to react with the coating and dissolve it. Do not pour vinegar into the appliance, as it is not possible to clean the iron from the inside with it - it can damage the internal elements. But with acetic acid, it is easy to remove scale from the surface of the sole and holes for steam, for this you need:

  1. Litre of water mixed with two glasses of vinegar.
  2. Pour in the tank of vinegar solution, so that the liquid covers the entire soleplate of the device (it is convenient for this to adapt the pan).
  3. The steam regulator should be put on maximum, place the container on the stove and make a small fire.
  4. Keep the iron in such a bath for an hour. It is advisable to cool the vinegar solution and afterwards re-conduct the procedure for greater effect.

Liquid for cleaning the iron from scaling

In the store it is advisable to purchase a special tool for cleaning the iron from scaling (for example, "Antinakipin"), it will remove plaque from the reservoir and the holes for steam supply. To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. Pour the cleaning agent into the iron reservoir.
  2. Set the temperature controller to maximum and wait for the appliance to warm up.
  3. Disconnect the iron from the net and bring it to the sink.
  4. If the model has a self-cleaning function, you must press and hold it.
  5. If there is only a steam button in the iron, then it must be periodically pressed for cleaning.
  6. Together with the steam, the scum will produce scale.
  7. The cleaning process can be performed repeatedly by adding liquid to the tank.
  8. When the pieces of scale from the soles of the soles stop leaving, the procedure for cleaning the iron can be considered finished.