Emotional leadership

Leading people behind them is a talent that is surprising, so various researchers study it with special zeal. To date, there are many theories that would explain such a feature, the newest is a variant based on human emotions. At first glance, the assumption seems ridiculous, but upon closer examination, its adequacy becomes obvious.

Emotional theory of leadership

For a long time it was believed that the higher the person's IQ, the smarter and more successful that made this indicator the most important quality manager. But gradually they began to notice that not so much this coefficient and the obligatory, often the leaders were beaten out and owners of average values. So there was a need to develop a new approach, which resulted in an emotional theory of leadership, implying the use not only of analytical skills to achieve their goals. To measure a person's potential in such a system, a new indicator was invented-the emotional intelligence of the leader, which characterizes the ability to understand the feelings of other people and guide them. That is, it is not a person who lives by the will of the senses, but a person who knows how to control them for the common good. Therefore, important components of such intelligence are:

All this makes emotional intelligence (EQ) the constant companion of the leader for such reasons:

  1. With its high quality it is easier to find a way out of the problem situation without unnecessary conflicts .
  2. High EQ ensures the simplicity of establishing connections with people, that's why they are more willing to go for such a person.

It is interesting that the emotional theory of leadership implies the real art of managing people, the ability to assess each situation and choose an individual style of behavior. It can be composed of the personality of the leader, or may be dictated by momentary conditions. Emotional leaders are more flexible, so it's easy for them to change their approaches, shuffling them like cards in their deck to get the most advantageous layout.