Money on the Internet without attachments

To date, making money on the Internet without investing money is far from news. True, not everyone dares to do such a job. There is a category of people who use it as a kind of work-off, but there is also a minority, for whom this is the only income that brings both pleasure and profit.

Methods that allow you to earn money quickly and without investment

  1. Clicks . As a passive income, give preference to elementary clicks, performance of site tasks. So, performing the last, on each task you can replenish your electronic wallet with additional funds. Webmoney can be earned on the site The most profitable site is Seosprint. However, please note that for registration you will need to pay $ 0.84 from Webmoney purse.
  2. Exchange of articles. On and you will be able to discover your writing potential. For beginners, the execution of re-order orders is suitable. All that is required of you is to write an article competently, adhering to all the requirements of the customer. If you want to put it up for sale, be aware that 1000 characters are valued at an average of $ 1. However, try to improve your skills. In the event that you put up for sale a low unique creation with errors, the Advego administration will not only remove it, but also may close you access to the personal page.
  3. Games . If you want to earn money online without a minimum investment, then try your hand, for example, in the game My Lands - the first online game with the withdrawal of real money.
  4. File sharing . All that is required of you is to distribute links to file downloads. To begin with, you upload a certain number of files to the server, then distribute links to them. For each download you get a cash bonus. Often, links are left on websites and forums that allow it. For example, on the file sharing service Depositfiles you describe an existing file, without forgetting to specify a link to it.
  5. Contextual and other types of advertising . It is an advertisement that you place on your own website. The user clicking on the advertising icon, automatically goes to the advertiser's site, and you for this "dripping" money profit.
  6. Affiliate programs . To the question: "Where can I make money without investments?" Such programs will respond. True, they are suitable for experienced Internet users. So, on the Loveplanet dating site for each new user you get 0.48 $.

We talked about the most popular methods of earning without investments and resources, in fact, the list is much more extensive and everyone can, if desired, find a source of additional or basic earnings for themselves.