Female masturbation - good and bad, kinds and ways

At different times people were treated differently to self-satisfaction and few people today see anything shameful in such pursuits. Sexologists female masturbation, on the contrary, welcome, considering it useful for health. There are several rules concerning self-gratification that will be useful to learn.

Why do women engage in masturbation?

There are a lot of reasons that encourage a person to engage in self-satisfaction, and the most common options include:

  1. Lack of the possibility of committing a traditional sexual intercourse. There are women who use masturbation to relieve tension.
  2. The presence of diseases and abnormalities, for example, here can include problems related to the genitals, increased excitability, nervous disorders and so on.
  3. Sometimes women engage in masturbation due to lack of hygiene of the genitals, which leads to excessive excitability.

Female masturbation is good and bad

A few years ago, self-gratification was considered to be a sexual perversion, and in ancient times masturbation was considered a symptom of mental retardation. Masturbation in women was taken for a serious deviation, which could lead to disastrous consequences, for example, sexual dysfunction or neurasthenia. Thanks to modern scientific research it has been established that masturbation is the norm and a healthy way of obtaining sexual satisfaction. If the female masturbation is not an obsession and does not interfere with the habitual way of life, then there is no danger in it.

The benefits of female masturbation

Doctors and scientists give several facts indicating that self-satisfaction is useful.

  1. Masturbation, which ends with orgasm, can improve mood . This is explained by the fact that during this time serotonin is produced in the body - the hormone of happiness, which is important for fighting the blues.
  2. Finding out whether female masturbation is useful, it is worth pointing out another advantage - it improves the sexual life with a partner, as a woman can tell him, the effect on which points leads to orgasm.
  3. Self-satisfaction is an affordable method to relieve physical and mental stress and relax.
  4. It was proved that masturbation of women helps to reduce the pain that many of the fairer sexes experience in the premenstrual period. Studies have shown that self-satisfaction helps to muffle the headache.

Harm of female masturbation

Practically in any matter, you can identify both positive and negative features, and masturbation is no exception.

  1. Harm of female masturbation concerns non-observance of personal hygiene. For example, if you use self-satisfied items that have not been pre-processed, the risk of infection with different viruses and bacteria is significantly increased.
  2. Some sex therapists have the opinion that with frequent practice of self-satisfaction is rare, but there may be problems in traditional sex, for example, the inability to get an orgasm.

Types of female masturbation

According to the basic classification, there are two types of masturbation.
  1. Adaptive - the ways of female masturbation, which can be used during traditional sexual intercourse, both as a woman and her partner.
  2. Disadaptive : the impact on the clitoris water jet, friction, muscle tension, the use of different objects and so on.

In addition, we can single out such ways of self-gratification.

  1. Without penetration . For pleasure in this case, the actions should be aimed at irritation of the clitoris. For this, in most cases you can use not only your own fingers, but also a shower sprayer with a powerful jet. You can experiment using different objects.
  2. With penetration . In this case, the clitoris and the point G can be stimulated. Again, you can use your own hands and different objects for self-satisfaction, so the most popular are the dildos. Unusual methods of female masturbation involve the use of other vibrating objects, such as vibromassers or electric brushes. For the penetration of a woman can take vegetables and fruits, which in form are similar to men's dignity, for example, bananas, cucumbers and so on.

How to properly masturbate a woman?

There are many ways of female masturbation, but in most cases, such manipulations are used: massage of the clitoris, stroking the genitals and using a jet of water. Beginners in this matter are advised to start small - getting to know their body. To understand what is female masturbation, how to properly practice it, listen to these tips:

  1. Create a calm atmosphere and make sure that no one distracts. Turn on the relaxing music and bare yourself.
  2. Close your eyes and start to fantasize. When you are tuned to the right wave, start stroking the different parts of the body, for example, the chest, neck, shoulders, abdomen and so on.
  3. Massage the labia and the clitoris, using different movements, changing the tempo. It is important to determine what manipulations are fun. A little practice and it will be possible to determine for yourself the ideal method of self-gratification.

Positions for female masturbation

There are several positions for self-satisfaction, which are popular among the fair sex:

  1. Place yourself on the bed on your stomach, placing a few pillows or a cushion under your hips and stomach. Should be based on the elbows and knees. The impact can be done with a vibrator or a hand.
  2. Virtually any technique of female masturbation is suitable for a sedentary pose. It is necessary to use a chair with a backrest and without armrests. Sit comfortably, spread your legs wide and catch your feet on the legs of the chair.
  3. For self-satisfaction with a jet of water, you can put one foot on the edge of the bath. Another option - lean your back against the wall and take your foot to the side, bending it in the knee.
  4. Female masturbation can be practiced in this position: get on your knees and arrange them as wide as possible. During masturbation, tilt the body backwards or forwards.