Fitness for the brain

Fitness for the brain - it's training, which will teach you to solve logical problems easily and quickly, and the decision to take exceptionally correct. We'll look at what morning exercises will help your brain to wake up, and what tasks you need to solve every day to support active brain activity.

Charge for the brain - morning exercises

If in the morning you get up with difficulty, feel weak and broken, you will be helped by charging for the brain. Performing simple actions, you will help the brain to come to the active phase, and quickly come to its usual state. Such actions will take no more than 3-5 minutes in the morning, but they will greatly help you in awakening:

  1. Start the morning with simple puzzles. Keep a newspaper near the bed with scanners or crossword puzzles and solve them. If you have a modern phone, you can start the morning with the appropriate applications on your phone.
  2. Start the morning with the repetition of foreign words. On the night before, learn a few words in a foreign language, and in the morning try to remember them or make a proposal from them. This training will be incredibly useful for the brain and awakening for you!
  3. Enroll in the work in the morning will help the habit of keeping a diary. In the morning, put your hand to the curbstone, take the treasured book, read what you are about to do - and now, the brain is already actively planning what and how to do, and you are cheerful and full of energy.
  4. Read the newspaper. If at breakfast you actively get new information by reading, which requires much more brain activity than TV or radio, you will quickly wake up and feel cheerful.
  5. Write down something. In the morning, you can record dreams, then analyze them, mark new ideas and other thoughts. This activates several centers of the brain and excites them.

Such an easy fitness for the brain will allow you to get up quickly from bed and be more cheerful in the morning. This is especially true for those who are an owl and difficult to wake up.

Fitness for the brain - puzzle

It is very useful for the brain to solve various puzzles. Teach yourself not to give up and find the maximum number of answers before you see what clue this or that puzzle has. Now there are a large number of applications on the phone that allow you to regularly train the brain during the day. You can use them, or you can buy a book with puzzles in the old fashioned manner and solve several of them daily.

You can check your wits right now. As an example, we give several tasks, and you try to find the clue. The correct answers are at the end of the article.

1. John, Dick and Roger are colleagues. During the holidays, they work part-time, and each of them owns two professions: trumpeter, truck driver, golfer, hairdresser, writer, engineer. Can you determine who owns what professions if:

A truck driver cares for the sister of a golfer.

The trumpeter and the engineer attend the riding school with John.

The truck driver mocks the long legs of the trumpeter.

Dick received from the engineer as a gift a box of chocolates.

A golfer bought a used car from a writer.

Roger eats pizza faster than Dick and a golfer.

2. How many animals (each creature in pairs) did Moses plant on the ark during the Great Flood?

3. In one village there is a strange resident who has been a local interesting place. When he is offered to choose a 5-ruble coin or a banknote of 50 rubles, he takes a coin each time. Everyone considers him a fool, and he chuckles at others. Why does he never take a bill?


  1. ANSWER Dick is a trumpeter and a writer; John is a hairdresser and a golfer; Roger is a driver and an engineer.
  2. Moses did not put anyone anywhere, it was Noah doing.
  3. "Fool" was smart: if he took 50 rubles, he would not be given money, because this is no longer surprising.

Solving at least 3-4 similar tasks every day will teach you to think logically, develop ingenuity and attention .