Jacquard Fabric - description

Every woman wants to look impressive . The right fabric can help in this. An expensive and very original in any product looks Jacquard material, but before you make a choice in its favor, you should familiarize yourself with its description.

Jacquard Fabric - description

Jacquard - a cloth with patterns, obtained as a result of a special weave of threads. It turns out very smooth and pleasant to the touch. When making a drawing, threads of different colors can be used, or they can be applied later. Jacquard, because of such a complex production, has a fairly high price.

The characteristic features of this tissue include:

The jacquard fabric can include various fibers: natural, artificial or a combination thereof.

The fabric made from cotton, silk or flax is very expensive, but it is hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch and safe even for the skin of newborns. That's why it is used to make children's carry (sling, scarf).

The addition to natural artificial fibers makes the material more dense and cheaper.

From synthetic fibers one of the most popular fabrics of this group is produced - stretch jacquard, which is used for tightening mattresses.

Where is the jacquard used?

The scope of the jacquard is very diverse: tablecloths, bed linens, bedspreads, curtains, upholstery of furniture and mattresses. In addition to home textiles, this material found its place in the fashion industry. It produces very high-quality jackets, skirts, dresses, jackets, coats and even children's overalls.

How to take care of a jacquard?

To extend the life of a jacquard product, It is worth remembering a few simple rules for its operation:

  1. You can iron only on the wrong side. This is to prevent damage to the picture on it.
  2. Wash at 30 ° C. You can do it both in the typewriter and with your hands. It is better not to use detergents with a whitening effect, but only for colored things.
  3. Press is not allowed. Twist, using a centrifuge, this fabric is impossible. You can only squeeze your hands.
  4. Do not tumble dry in the sun. This applies to all species, except the silk jacquard.

If you want to buy a really high-quality thing for your home or your wardrobe, then you should definitely pay attention to the product from the jacquard.