Jealousy of a woman

Jealousy of the woman, strangely enough, rooted in her roots in a distant prehistoric past, when every day lived was, in the truest sense of the word, a victory in the struggle for survival.

Who will get the mammoth?

In addition to the fact that nature constantly reminds you that you need to somehow continue the genus, so here you also have a lack of food, and the saber-toothed tigers running around in search of prey, and your striving for lunch, and the climate that constantly fever and throws then in the heat, then in the cold. Try in these conditions, normally endure and grow offspring.

Naturally, it's much easier to cope with all these troubles when there is a strong and bold alpha male next to him, playing the role of hunter, prey and defender. But only one small problem arises: what will happen if this "cave macho" suddenly puts an eye on some other attractive person? It's clear that: he will begin to give all the killed mammoths to her and her children, and you and your children will end up without food and protection, or at best, you will have to share your daily bread with this "sterlet."

And imagine that your good alpha satellite has appetites in this respect irrepressible and he will try to make happy by his location at once several prehistoric coquette? Then things are completely bad, especially if the time is hungry. What do you want to feel then? Joy and pride in your super-popular lover? Hardly. And then, of course, there is a pressing question: what to do? There can only be two outlets here: either constantly prove that you are an order of magnitude better than all the "predators" surrounding you, so that your man does not even have doubts about whose genofond to choose for the continuation of the genus, or to use all possible and impossible ways getting rid of rivals. Thus, we can safely say that jealousy in women is a stimulant given to them by nature in order to give birth, raise and protect their offspring for the benefit of evolution.

All for the competition!

As mentioned above, the psychology of women's jealousy is based on genetic memory , and she, as you know, is a stubborn thing. And she tells all the beautiful ladies one indisputable truth: if the man of your dreams does not look at you (well, or looks not only at you), then, your set of genes expressed in your external and intellectual data does not suit him very much, which means and the chances to continue your race and provide everything you need for your future (or already existing offspring) you have little. And consequently, for Mother Nature you too, in that case, have no special interest, since your gene pool did not pass the "competitive selection". Hence all the delights of the inferiority complex, and low self-esteem, which in psychology are considered the main reasons for jealousy in women.

Control? There is control!

Guessing about what leads to jealousy of a woman is not difficult. At best, to depression of varying severity, isolation and complete withdrawal into oneself. In the worst - to manifestations of aggression, hysteria, attempted suicide or even killing a rival.

Signs of jealousy in women, in fact, always the same and are reduced they not only to a decadent mood at the sight of their flirting with another particular lover, but also to increased cravings to control all the movements of the latter, periodically look into his phone in order to find there evidence of "vile perfidy", and also periodically talk about a rival, trying to determine the degree of enthusiasm of her knight and, as they say, to assess the "scale of the catastrophe".

In any case, jealousy in a relationship, it is always an indicator that something has gone wrong in them and that it does not destroy them to the bottom it is first of all necessary to understand the root causes of the apparent cooling of the partner's feelings, and only then draw conclusions and try to take any something action.