Living room, combined with the bedroom - tips for proper zoning

This solution has to be implemented in those small-sized or one-room apartments, where there is a clear lack of space, to create a functional, with an original and stylish interior. The more space is scarce, the more creative and complex the solution is required for zoning the room.

Ideas of zoning living room-bedroom

Design techniques allow you to combine zones with different purposes into a single space, and an example of this is a living room combined with a bedroom. For the bedroom area, use a space in the back of the room without exposing it to a general overview. Ideal place will serve as a piece of square near the window, which has natural lighting. The part of the room used for the living room is located in the center of the room, it's better to use light colors for its decoration.

Zoning of the hall to the bedroom and living room is performed using sliding doors, decorative screens , translucent folding or stationary gypsum boards, beautiful curtains, shelves and furniture. If the task of solitude is not put, then, as a separating element, are used:

Bedroom-living room interior

The interior of the room in which the principle of zoning is applied, make out in a minimalist style, without overloading the space with furniture, show restraint in the choice of decorative elements. The bedroom, combined with the living room, requires compliance with some significant points:

In order to combine the interior of the living room, combined with the bedroom, into one, it is recommended to select textiles in a single color scheme. The color should not be variegated, preference should be given to subdued tones, bright colors should be used as accent colors, in small quantities. Fabrics or patterns on curtains and bedspreads, choose the ones that create harmony.

Wallpapers in the living room-bedroom

When decorating walls with wallpaper, use monophonic, with a small pattern. With the principle of zoning, use a combined version combined with a common color or pattern. This choice requires complete harmony, otherwise the interior will look tasteless. To do this, you need smoothness in the transitions from one color to another, or use light colors for the top part of the walls, for the bottom - bright or saturated shades. The narrow bedroom-living room is decorated with quiet, non-irritating wallpaper, the ideal option is a vertical strip, it will visually expand the space of the room.

Curtains for bedroom and living room

Models of curtains use laconic, multi-layered curtains have a "heavy" look and overload the interior of the living room, combined with the bedroom. Choose a general color solution for curtains and accent walls, they will link the interior design to the overall harmonious composition. Curtains are often used as an element that divides residential areas, they are both expandable and rising, different-level, made of light organza, curtain fabric, bamboo or various colored ropes - there are no restrictions for imagination, you only need to withstand them in a single style with window .

Bedroom furniture

Solving the problem of how to arrange furniture in the bedroom-living room, refer to non-standard solutions. Preference in such premises give furniture-transformer, in the day compactly collected and laid out before bed. Individual models of sleeping places fit into the wall or form a wardrobe. Rational use of shallow, corner cabinets of the compartment , compact and light in its designs, occupying that space, which is often not used. It will be appropriate and the choice of a corner sofa, it is permissible in any functional zone, providing the necessary conditions for it.

Design of a living room combined with a bedroom

The living room, combined with the bedroom, requires a thoroughly thought out, functional style solution. Ideas for a bedroom living room depends on what you need more:

If the area allows, then both zones can be of equal importance, each of them will not be close.

The design of the bedroom-living room can be created without strict division of space into zones, simply by purchasing a sofa bed, and making it a central part of interior design. The disadvantage of this solution is that it will have to be folded every morning, to remove pastel accessories, and if one of the family members wants to lie down during the day and relax, the living room automatically becomes a bedroom.

Bedroom-living room in classic style

The classical style chosen at design, assumes design of an interior a drawing room-bedroom, excluding a plenty of bright elements, a decor. Especially it is necessary to avoid red and orange tones, they can be used only as small additions, in the form of vases, lamp shades or picture frames. Accessories are chosen solid, strict and elegant.

Classics are characterized by natural materials, the presence of certain decor elements: candlesticks, vases, statuettes, stucco molding, mirrors. Classical style needs a sense of wealth, it is somewhat solemn, so a combination of pastel tones with gilding is used. The most suitable is the design direction is for large rooms, where you can arrange bulky classical furniture, to emphasize respectability and consistency.

Bedroom-living room in Provence style

This design style is suitable for those who like a simple but cozy interior, reminiscent of a rustic. The requirements of this style dictate to us the necessity of using pastel colors, colorful textiles, the presence of ruches and frills. Furniture is chosen elegant, light colors. The division of the room into a bedroom and a drawing room is traditionally done with a decorative screen made of luxurious natural fabric.

If the provence is used in a small room, it is worth using as a decor small elements in everything: in decoration, accessories, textiles, without undertaking complex re-planning, to adapt to the real dimensions. Furniture is chosen "romantic", with a somewhat antique look. Welcome forged items, especially the headboards of beds, mini pillows with decorative pillow cases, lampshades, which have a provincial look, chest of drawers, bedside tables.

Bedroom-living room in a modern style

In modern conditions, the combination of living room and bedroom does not always occur due to lack of space, sometimes it is due to the location of different zones on a large area in the studio apartment . With this distinction, each zone is decorated with different textures, colors, and furnishings. Modern premises are often equipped with fireplaces, multi-level floors, stylish partitions, and most importantly - they use high-quality and expensive materials for decorating and decoration. The unification of space has become a popular trend in the arrangement of modern dwellings.

The creation of a functional, modern and stylish interior, combining different residential areas on a large area, is quite feasible for a person with a fantasy and a sense of taste. Also, the living room, combined with the bedroom - the most convenient and logical way out for the arrangement of a small apartment, which allows to provide comfort and coziness for living and meeting with friends.