Massage Oil

Massage is a universal method of manual therapy, which allows you to cope with the problems of musculoskeletal, muscular system, can improve digestive processes and blood circulation. In addition, this method of exposure is actively used in cosmetology to eliminate various defects. Massage oil plays an important role in the effectiveness of therapy, its duration and the speed of achieving the desired result.

Body massage oil

Let us dwell in more detail on each of the varieties of such a product.

Sesame oil

Excellent for combating dryness, irritation and peeling of the epidermis. Due to the intense nourishing and moisturizing properties it helps to prevent premature aging, skin withering, increases the production of elastin.

Mustard oil

In a warm form is widely used in the treatment of diseases of the spine and joints, swelling and benign tumors. It has a warming and locally irritating effect, quickly relieves pain. One of the characteristics of mustard massage oil is its ability to improve digestion in diseases of the pancreas, to activate the production of enzymes.

Almond oil

Ideal for deep moisturizing of the skin, wrestling with stretch marks, especially after childbirth and breastfeeding. Moreover, the product eliminates puffiness, relieves tension from muscles, helps with burns of various origins.

Olive oil

The most universal oil, because it is used for stretching, gout , joints and muscle pain, and poliomyelitis. It is considered the best basis for massage mixtures.

Coconut oil

It has a good cooling and soothing effect, therefore it is used, as a rule, from fungal skin lesions, swelling, eczema. Also helps with rashes, including - allergic origin, cuts, burns.

Anti-cellulite massage oil

To eliminate the "orange peel" it is necessary to apply the mixture. Usually, olive or almond oil is recommended as a base with the addition of one or more esters:

It is these components that are able to penetrate deep layers of the skin, producing a warming effect. They intensify the current of lymph and blood, which allows to increase oxygen metabolism in tissues and to fight fat deposits.

Choosing a professional massage oil from cellulite, it is worth paying attention to such brands:

Massage oil for face

The described product is important to select very carefully to avoid allergic reactions, clogging of sebaceous glands and irritation.

As a basis, dermatologists recommend using such oils:

Esters used as an active ingredient:

Good professional products:

Recipes for making massage oils with your own hands

Simple universal body oil:

  1. To 60 ml of the base product (olive or almond) add 2 tablespoons of strong herbal decoction from the flowers of chamomile, calendula or sage.
  2. Mix the solution with liquid vitamin A and E (2 drops each), as well as 6-7 drops of essential oils (the kind depends on the purpose of the massage). When manufacturing a face pack, the amount ether to reduce to 2-4 drops.

Prepared at home, massage oil should be stored in a cool place, preferably no longer than 2-3 months.

A good prescription for face care:

  1. Melt 30 ml of coconut oil or jojoba. Also suitable is almond.
  2. Mix it with 2 drops of lavender ether, 1 drop of tea tree and juniper.
  3. Use oil in the evening, after thorough cleansing of the skin.