Lavender Oil - Application

The aroma of lavender is not confused with any other, so it is often used in perfumery. This plant has a delicate floral scent with a woody tint, ideal for upper and medium notes. Also highly valued lavender oil - the application of the product covers several areas of medicine and cosmetology, including trichology.

Medicinal properties of ethereal lavender oil

The presented tool has a lot of positive actions:

In addition, the product under consideration is able to enhance microcirculation of the blood, thereby stimulating the work of the cardiovascular system and the brain.

Medical application of ethereal lavender oil

The described ether is used for internal reception, external application, aromatherapy, preparation of healing baths, inhalations, douching, compresses, massage and air deodorization.

Lavender oil perfectly helps to cope with a number of diseases:

Also, lavender oil is used to prevent infectious pathologies. Deodorization of premises with this product provides high-quality antiseptic and antiviral treatment.

Application of essential oil of lavender flowers in cosmetology

The main cosmetic properties of the described agent:

In addition, the natural product controls the activity of the sebaceous glands, reduces their activity.

Such product capabilities explain the primary use of cosmetic essential oil of lavender for problematic skin with excessive fat content. The drug quickly stops inflammation, relieves subcutaneous acne , reduces the number and prevalence of rashes.

To treat acne and post-acne it is recommended to enrich daily creams and tonics with lavender oil - 1 drop per one portion of the product. With severe inflammation and a large number of scars, you can pinpoint each pimple and scar with clean ether 1-2 times a day.

Regular use of a natural remedy improves the complexion, smooths the skin's relief, narrows the pores.

Properties and application of lavender oil for nails and hair

In trichology, the presented product is valued for its anti-seborrheic effect. Systematic scalp massage with lavender oil helps to get rid of fungus and dandruff faster.

Moreover, the product is recommended for the care of weakened, brittle and dull curls. Enrichment of ordinary shampoos, balms and masks with 1-2 drops of ether (per one serving) allows you to return strands of healthy shine, elasticity, make them obedient, facilitate combing.

Also, lavender essential oil prevents alopecia and is able to stop even a strong hair loss. In this case, it is recommended to mix it with basic vegetable oil, for example, almond, burdock or castor oil (1: 2) and do scalp massage.

This product helps to strengthen the nail plates. With delamination, brittleness, the appearance of cracks, furrows or spots on the nails, it is recommended to put a little olive oil on them with 1 drop of lavender ether and massage the fingertips.