New Year's articles from newspaper tubes

Crafts for the New Year can be made from various materials. In particular, today it is very popular with children and adults to create accessories from newspaper tubes, which are rather difficult to work with, but despite this, it is very interesting. In this article, you will find step-by-step instructions that will help you make your own New Year crafts from newspaper tubes.

How to make original candlesticks from newspaper tubes?

On the eve of the festive night, children and adults are trying to decorate their apartment with candles in bright and original candlesticks. The following master class will help you to make New Year articles from newspaper tubes in the form of candlesticks that have the form of a star:

  1. Lay out the newspaper tubes as shown in the photo.
  2. Gradually, braid the star on the contour, securing the intersection of clothespins.
  3. Remove the clothespins when this becomes possible.
  4. Give candlesticks the necessary form and decorate them at will.

How to make a New Year's composition from newspaper tubes?

Weaving from newspaper tubes allows you to make New Year's articles, which are full-fledged compositions. So, from this material it is possible to make a celebratory fur-tree and sleigh of the Grandfather of the Frost. The following step-by-step instruction will help you in this:

  1. Take a piece of polystyrene and cut out the workpiece for herringbone.
  2. Lay 5 newspaper tubes on each other as shown in the photo, and fasten them together with hot gun glue.
  3. At the junction of the tubes, place the stock for the herringbone.
  4. Spray it with tubes around the entire surface.
  5. Take 2 newspaper tubes and bend them in half.
  6. Put them on top of each other and weave a flagellum.
  7. Cut a small oval from the cardboard.
  8. At the edges of the resulting oval, make 12 identical holes.
  9. In the holes, thread the tubes, bent in half, and drag them through the sledge in a circle.
  10. Mix PVA glue with white acrylic enamel and a little water, and with the resulting mixture, cover the workpieces and allow them to dry out.
  11. Cut off the sleigh sticking ends.
  12. Make one more flagellum, you can from the cut off ends.
  13. Felt hercoat with acrylic paint of green color.
  14. In white enamel add 2-3 drops of blue and cover this paint with a sleigh and runners.
  15. Glue the skids to the sleigh and decorate the elements of the craft for your own taste.
  16. Set herringbone and sled on the tray and finally complete the design of the craft.

Crafts from newspaper tubes to the New Year may be different. In our photo gallery you will find several more interesting options: