Vaduz Cathedral

The Cathedral of Vaduz is one of the main sights of Liechtenstein ; It is also called St. Florin's Cathedral. The temple was built in the Neo-Gothic style, the author of the project was the Austrian architect Friedrich von Schmidt. Until 1997 the cathedral had the status of an ordinary church, and in 1997 the archdiocese of Vaduz was formed, reporting directly to the Holy See, the church was officially recognized as a cathedral, which became the residence of Archbishop Vadutsky. The cathedral has a modest size, but it is very beautiful and harmoniously looks both against the backdrop of the mountains and the low buildings of the capital of the principality.

History of construction

Vaduz Cathedral in Liechtenstein began to be built in 1868 and was completed in 1873. The place for the church was chosen not accidentally - it was built on the basis of another church that stood here in the Middle Ages (the evidence of which has been preserved since 1375). The church was dedicated to St. Florin of Remus, known for many miracles, including turning water into wine - like Jesus. The saint is the patron of Val Venosta's valleys.

The exterior of the cathedral

The cathedral looks rather modest, but it fits perfectly into the overall appearance of the city. His ornament is the sculpture in niches in front of the cathedral: the Virgin Mary mourns her son and the Virgin Mary with the Child.

Also in front of the cathedral is a small monument to Prince Franz Joseph II and Princess Guinea (Georgina von Wilczek), who are buried in this cathedral. In addition to them, Elizabeth von Huttmann, more known as Elsa - Princess of Liechtenstein, wife of Franz I, Prince Carl Alois of Liechtenstein and Princess Eliza Urakhskaya, is buried in the cathedral.

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