Regional Museum of the Copper

The Regional Museum of Copper is located in the ancient Belgramoni-Takko Palace in the northern part of the Slovenian city of Koper. The museum's collection is dedicated to the life of the brightest people and families of Europe, and one of the exhibitions immerses visitors in the traditional way of life of the Slovenes.

Museum building

An excursion to the museum begins with a story about the palace, because it got a double name for a reason. Belgramoni is a well-known family, whose family estate was the residence. In the first half of the last century, the head of the family, an avid card player, lost the palace in one night. The lucky man was a man named Takko. He did not even have time to fully appreciate the new acquisition, as the city authorities have learned about this case. They were discouraged by the frivolity of Belgramoni, and Takko was considered an undeserved possessor of the estate, so they decided to confiscate it and open a museum in it.

The architecture of the palace is also of interest to visitors. The complex was built in the XVII century in the style of the late Renaissance, while it reflected in its architecture, the eastern and Moroccan features.

Museum collection

The collection of the Regional Museum of Copper primarily attracts its diversity. Exhibitions are heterogeneous, and some exhibits can hardly be called ordinary. The permanent exposition has the name "Between Serenissima, Napoleon and the Habsburgs". It is dedicated to famous people. The museum presents their personal belongings and everything that would reveal their lives and events related to them.

Also there is an exhibition, which is devoted to the life of the Slovenes. For original items and detailed layouts it will be interesting to look not only to children, but also to adults.

On the basis of the museum events are held, which are aimed at studying history. Basically, their participants are younger students.

How to get there?

The Regional Museum of Koper is located in the old part of Koper , therefore it is not possible to get to the place by public transport. But you can take the bus to the station "Trznica", which is located next to the ring. It will serve as a starting point for you. From the ring, turn left onto Pristaniska ulica and walk along it 200 m to the street Kidriceva ulica. After 170 m on the right you will see the building of the museum.