Removal of vascular asterisks

The mesh of the dilated vessels (telangiectasia), which appears through the skin, causes a lot of problems. This is not only a cosmetic defect, but also an alarming signal that normal blood circulation is violated, which means that varicose can develop. That is why the removal of vascular asterisks should begin with a consultation with a doctor who not only advises the safest way to repair a defect, but also prescribes a prophylaxis so that later the circulatory system works like a clock.

Methods of removing the spider veins

There are several ways to eliminate the vascular network. The most effective are microsclerotherapy, laser coagulation, thermocoagulation, ozone therapy.

  1. Microsclerotherapy - removal of vascular asterisks is carried out by inserting into the enlarged capillaries and veins of a special drug-sclerosant. The procedure is performed using the thinnest needles. Then a compression bandage is applied to the treated area, which compresses the vessels, and they "stick together".
  2. Thermocoagulation or electrocoagulation - a special device is used to remove vascular asterisks. The doctor touches the dilated vessels with a very thin needle, through which a high frequency current passes. As a result, the protein inside the capillary coagulates, and the vessel narrows.
  3. Ozonotherapy - helps to remove only very thin vascular asterisks. Inside the capillary of the microneedle is introduced ozone, which immediately oxidizes the dilated vessels, eliminating the defect.

Treatment of vascular asterisks with a laser

Laser coagulation is the most modern method of combating the vascular network. It is indispensable in the case when the above methods can not be used or inconvenient, for example - when processing the face, neck, and back area.

For the procedure, green and yellow spectrum lasers are used that do not heat the tissue - their rays are absorbed directly by the dilated vessels, but not by the skin. The result of laser coagulation is largely dependent on the experience of the doctor, so you should carefully select the clinic.

Treatment of vascular asterisks with folk remedies

Although it is believed that the netting of vessels can be removed only through medical intervention, folk medicine and the experience of many women convinces the opposite.

Cabbage leaf, previously scalded with boiling water, is aged for a day in the refrigerator and then tied to the limb helps to remove the telangiectasia on the legs. Every day the sheet needs to be changed. Wear it from morning till night.

Setochka on the face is removed with aloe juice - fresh leaves need to be kept in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Then they wipe the face, previously cleaned with tea.

Also, from vascular sprouts, apple cider vinegar helps - a sore spot is smeared with it three times a day until the mesh disappears.