Than to wash a glass-ceramic plate so that not to spoil it?

Cleaning technology from glass ceramics requires some knowledge, so the question is how to wash the glass-ceramic plate so that it has an impeccable look for a long time, worries its owners. It is not difficult to clean such a plate, the main thing is to do it carefully, without using hard brushes and scratching cleaners.

How do I care for a glass ceramic plate?

Care for a ceramic glass plate requires a certain specificity, as the material used for its production is very delicate. There are several basic recommendations that need to be adhered to when caring for a stove:

  1. Wash the surface after it has completely cooled down.
  2. Do not use brushes and mesh of metal, knives, use plastic scrapers.
  3. Glass ceramics can carry the pressure of heavy objects, but cracks from accidentally struck blows will instantly appear on it.
  4. It is not allowed to get moisture on the hot plate.

How to clean the glass ceramic plate?

In order not to torment the question of how to clean glass ceramics, the plate should be washed daily, especially if fat, run-off milk or any other stains got on it, fresh dirt can be cleaned more easily than old ones. After the operating mode of the plate has been completed and its cooling has been completed, it is possible to start cleaning:

  1. If the spots managed to get very hot, first apply a special scraper.
  2. On a soft napkin or sponge, apply a special detergent, wipe the panel well, then rinse with water and wipe dry.
  3. When cleaning old stains, leave the applied preparation for 20-30 minutes, so that it softens the debris, then rinse the panel.

How to properly wash the glass-ceramic plate?

There are expert advice on how to take care of a ceramic glass plate and treat it while washing:

  1. Do not allow even minimal defects and damage to the surface.
  2. It is better to remove the smell immediately, carefully using a scraper , into which a metal blade is inserted (the plastic melts, coming in contact with the hot blade).
  3. Do not try to wash the surface with the same sponges that you use to wash the dishes, the remaining fat in them can leave stains which, when heated, will lead to cloudiness of the panel. For high-quality cleaning, purchase individual lint-free, soft napkins.
  4. Various grease stains and deposits should be removed by means of products made from glass ceramics - they form a silicone layer that protects against dirty stains.
  5. After chemical agents, rinse the panel thoroughly with water so that the remaining particles under the influence of high temperature do not disintegrate the glass plate.
  6. Do not use products that are suitable for ovens, aggressive solutions for stain remover, dishwashing and abrasive substances.

Than to wash a plate from glass ceramics?

Care for the glass-ceramic plate is carried out daily, very delicately, using, as special chemical detergents, laundry soap, and effective improvised products. Many housewives, using the advice of experts, wash glass ceramics, using for this purpose windshield wipers. In order not to purchase expensive cleaning agents, it is possible to familiarize yourself with the recommendations, than to wash the glass-ceramic plate using the means that are present in every kitchen.

Is it possible to clean the glass-ceramic plate with vinegar?

Vinegar is quite acceptable as a cleanser, possessing disinfecting qualities, fighting with microbes. In addition, it is able to get rid of fatty contaminants and calcareous divorce. Before cleaning the glass-ceramic plate with vinegar, do the following:

  1. Mix the vinegar and water evenly, fill the bottle with the sprayer with a solution.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Spray to the surface, after a lapse of 15 minutes, carefully rub.
  4. Wipe the panel with a dry cloth.

Is it possible to wash the glass-ceramic plate with soda?

Many housewives wondering what to clean the glass-ceramic surface of the plate, ask about the possible use for this of baking soda, serving as an effective tool, saving from fresh and dried stains. Its soft and gentle abrasive qualities will not damage the glass, it will not scratch it, and the old spots will quickly disappear. For greater efficiency, use the following method:

  1. Prepare a mixture of water and soda, pasty in consistency.
  2. Spread dirt and wait for a while.
  3. Do not allow the paste to dry, using a sponge or napkin, carefully rub the stains.
  4. Rinse with water to remove the cloudy stains.
  5. To remove old contaminants, increase the time for applying the paste to the stain, allow the slurry to dry, and then drip onto the contaminated area with lemon juice, the resulting reaction will destroy the stubborn stains.

Detergent for glass-ceramic plates

Answering the question about what can be washed glass-ceramic plate, it should be noted immediately that most of the quality products available for sale are foreign and expensive, but do not save on them. Often they contain polymers or silicone oils, which, when dried, can form the finest, protective film that protects against dirty stains. Soft care can be done using the following means:

Glass ceramic cleaner

Often, because of ignorance, mistresses use an unsuitable cleaning agent for glass-ceramic plates, and then deterioration of appearance occurs, and in some cases, damage to the hob. For high-quality and safe cleaning, use pasty consistency agents to facilitate the process without causing harm. Choose a paste in which there are no abrasive particles that can damage the panel.

Talking about the easier it is to wash the glass-ceramic plate, you can recommend the following special formulations, in which there is a silicone capable of performing a protective function:

Having carefully studied what to wash the glass-ceramic plate, you will avoid unpleasant situations, related to damage to the surface or loss of its original appearance. It is very difficult to restore a damaged scratched panel, it is much easier to clean it daily and with great care and wash it, without using prohibited means.