Prague Airport

Václav Havel International Airport is the main airport in Prague . It was opened in 1937, but thanks to the increase in passenger traffic, it is still expanding and improving. Today it is one of the most modern airports in the Czech Republic .

Title Features

The airport in Prague can be named as "the name of Vaclav Havel", and "Ruzyne". The first option is more common among foreigners, and the second is more often used by Czechs, since this is the airport's original name, and only in 2012 it was renamed in honor of the first president of modern Czechia .


Prague Airport (PRG) is one of the most important air harbors in the Czech Republic, therefore it has all kinds of terminals: passenger, general aviation and cargo. Most flights depart from Prague airport from terminals 1 and 2. Terminals 3 and 4 handle several non-scheduled flights, as well as small aircraft, VIP and special flights. Ruzyne has only two runways.

The airport has all the possibilities of a modern airport:

Airport Code Prague

All countries and cities use international IATA and ICAO codes for airports, including Prague. The international airport code of IATA is a three-letter unique identifier. The distribution of codes is handled by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). These codes are printed on the labels of luggage, they do not let it get lost. The IATA code of Prague airport is PRG.

The ICAO code is a 4-character identifier received by each airport. It is issued by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). ICAO codes are used to monitor aviation space and to plan flights. The ICAO code of the Prague airport is LKPR.

Restaurants at the airport in Prague

Expecting your flight, you can have time to get hungry, besides it is always pleasant to drink a cup of aromatic coffee before breakfast and to enjoy delicious snacks. At the airport of Vaclav Havel there are many cafes and small restaurants that can be divided into 3 price categories:

Information for tourists

Armed with useful information about Ruzyne airport, you will spend time with benefit. What you need to know, preparing for departure from the main air haven of Prague:

  1. Can I smoke at the airport in Prague? To the surprise of passengers, there is no room for smokers. The only place where you can do this is a bar on the first floor. But before you smoke, you must place an order.
  2. Rent a car at the airport in Prague. Some tourists want to start from the airport independently to travel around the capital and beyond. Fortunately, you can rent a car in the building. The choice is simply huge, there is a car of any class.
  3. Luggage storage at the airport in Prague. It is on the second floor of Terminal 2. The storage days are about $ 6. After the delivery of the baggage and payment, the client receives a check, after which he can subsequently receive his belongings.
  4. Parking at the airport in Prague. For drivers in Ruzyne, a large multi-storey parking lot, which is easy to navigate, and thanks to the many places there is always where to park your car.
  5. Exchange at the airport in Prague. There are exchange offices both in the arrivals halls and in the departure halls. However, the rate here is less profitable than in the city.
  6. ATMs at the airport in Prague. With the withdrawal of cash in Ruzin, the passengers have no problems, since ATMs are located in each terminal and luggage space, but it should be noted that they take a high commission.
  7. Business hall at the airport in Prague. He is in Terminal 1, which greatly facilitates his search. Also in the lobby there are signs that will quickly lead you there.
  8. Shops Dyutifri at the airport in Prague. This is a good place to pass the time before departure, besides you can save on tax-free purchases up to 21%.
  9. How to get a taxi at the airport in Prague? This can be done in one of the special return taxis. They are in Terminal 1 and 2. There are many of them there, so the process does not take much time.
  10. Overnight at the airport in Prague. If your flight was delayed until the morning, then you can spend this time in the waiting room or rent a hotel room near the airport of Prague. The average price for a room is $ 87.
  11. Is it possible to book a transfer from the airport to the hotel in Prague? Such a service can be ordered even on arrival.

Where is the airport in Prague?

It is located in the west of the capital. The distance from Prague airport to the center of Prague is 17 km. Taxis are not cheap, because of which many use public transport .

In this part of the city there are no bus stops, but there are branches of the Prague metro that are ready to take passengers to the center or to the very outskirts. At the same time the station is not located near the airport of Vaclav Havel, so the question arises how to get from the airport of Prague to the metro . The distance of 1.4 km is easiest to overcome by taxi. It will cost about $ 2.5.