What is colposcopy in gynecology?

Colposcopy is a diagnostic method widely used in gynecology. What is colposcopy in gynecology is known to every woman who has faced the problem of cervical changes or with some more serious problems.

What is colposcopy for?

What is colposcopy in gynecology? This is the method of research that is needed to predict the possible composition of cervical cells, if there is a goal to identify precancerous diseases of this part of the most important organ of the female sexual sphere.

Colposcopy is the main method of detecting cervical cancer. However, it is impossible to diagnose exclusively on the basis of colposcopy data, since it only allows to determine the site for a targeted biopsy. What the colposcopy shows, namely, the altered parts of the mucous membrane of the cervix, must be checked by other methods. Only so the gynecologist can make an accurate diagnosis.

How do colposcopy?

Colposcopy consists of a visual examination of the epithelium of the part of the cervix that extends into the vagina through a colposcope (a binocular microscope equipped with an optical system and focused illumination). This procedure can be performed during a routine gynecological examination, since no special preparation or anesthesia is required. The procedure takes no more than 15 minutes and is very well tolerated by women.

At the very beginning of the study, the doctor examines the mucous membrane of the cervix, as well as the vagina with the help of mirrors and under the magnification of the colposcope. If there is a need, at this stage, the biomaterial is sampled for cytology. Then the doctor proceeds directly to the colposcopy. He consistently holds two tests:

These tests allow you to better visualize areas of the cervix, which can be considered suspicious. With their application, the procedure is called expanded colposcopy , without them - simple and having almost no clinical significance.

If a colposcopy is prescribed - a procedure for examining the cervix, the woman is usually advised to abstain from sexual activity 24 hours or more before the procedure, and not to perform douching, do not use vaginal creams, suppositories, tablets.

Colposcopy: indications

So, why do colposcopy? What does colposcopy mean? Colposcopy is of great importance for the detection of precancerous and cancerous diseases, and therefore is appointed according to the following indications:

Women often wonder how often to do colposcopy. As the gynecologists consider, the given research should be spent not less often time in three years. Between researches it is necessary, nevertheless, once a year to hand over smears on a cytology. Colposcopy is not needed until the smears are normal.

The decision, whether it is necessary to do colposcopy, is taken by a doctor, but for her peace of mind, a woman can decide for herself whether to perform this examination.