What is Paypal and how do I use it?

What is PayPal and how to use it - not everyone knows. The economy does not stand still. Many goods and services can be obtained on the Internet. For the safe conduct of payments, for the convenience of all participants of business relations, this payment electronic system has been specially developed.

What is PayPal?

The main thing in payments through the Internet is security guarantees. A person should know that his money will not go away in an unknown direction, and he will not be a victim of fraud. The PayPal payment system is a system by which you can send and receive financial transfers. Its main feature is the protection of the rights of sellers and buyers. The company is a kind of electronic bank, since it performs almost the same functions in the Internet.

PayPal - pros and cons

In the era of the boom of technological development, such a system became simply a necessity. Like any product, PayPal service has both advantages and disadvantages. With the help of a payment system, you can buy in a matter of seconds even a car without leaving your house or paying utility bills. All this makes human life much easier. Consider the pros and cons of this system in more detail.

Benefits of PayPal

PayPal wallet has a huge number of advantages, among which it is necessary to distinguish the following:

Cons of PayPal

Any system has unpleasant sides. That's PayPal account - not an exception, because it has limitations in the work in the post-Soviet countries. Until recently, in Russia to withdraw money from the account was difficult. Increased security measures, on the one hand - it is good, but the system blocks accounts independently at the slightest suspicion, without warnings and explanations. You can not convert money into other electronic currencies.

What is PayPal and how do I use it?

PayPal has a very simple interface. Before you start, you should study the system in detail and register. After you attach a real card to the virtual account. A lot of sellers in domestic online stores go to the international level, and in Europe have long been free to use this system of payments, so the essential issue remains the proper use of this device.

How do I sign up for PayPal?

To create a PayPal purse, you need to complete the registration process first. Specify only this data. Otherwise, it is likely that your account will be blocked later. Detailed instructions include the following:

How do I fund my PayPal account?

The second important question: how to replenish PayPal. In order to avoid problems with replenishment, you need to bind a credit card, then it will be easier to perform operations. You can make cash replenishment through the terminal, for this you will need to create a Qiwi wallet as well . And then we bind the virtual card to the account. So you can get money for your personal account in the system in two ways:

How to withdraw money from PayPal?

An urgent issue for many post-Soviet countries was the withdrawal of money from PayPal. There is a way of deducing money through another person. For example, you need to withdraw money, and he needs to buy some goods. Then you make an exchange: he pays you cash, and you pay in the store his goods from your account. This method allows you not to spend a single extra penny. Someone from relatives or friends will become your intermediary for receiving money in this way. What is PayPal and what other output options are there?

  1. Take the money in the office of the company. Such offices are not so many, so only some citizens will be so lucky, but in general, this is an ideal way with minimal commissions.
  2. Withdraw money to a bank card. For starters, you will need to withdraw two small amounts of money and wait a couple of days. Output through Webmoney or Kiwi. In this case, these wallets will act as intermediaries. Operations will be faster, but you will have to pay a commission.

How do I pay with PayPal?

Another important point that interests users is how to pay through PayPal. If you need to buy a thing in an online store, and there is specified this method of payment, then you just need to choose it and enter your login and e-mail address. Money will be removed from the card tied to the account or from the balance on the virtual account itself. The payer pays the commission when paying, not the sender.

What is PayPal and what it is for is very clear. From all of the above, it turns out that this is a system for paying for purchases and services, contributing to the development of the economy in countries where it can be used to the fullest. The only drawback is the difficulty with withdrawing money in the post-Soviet space. Technologies are developing and, most likely, in a couple of years, and anywhere in the world will be possible to fully use the capabilities of the system. In any case, it's convenient and profitable to use such service.

Payment through PayPal purchases in foreign stores protects 100% of the machinations of scammers. You can be sure that the money will not go to the side, and you will be left without goods. Purchases of customers are protected in such a way that, before the buyer confirms the receipt of the goods, the money does not arrive at the seller's account. In case of incidents, the buyer gets his money back. The company is registered in the states as a money transfer company. It performs all banking operations and is subject to a single taxation system, and its work is regulated by all the basic laws.