Marriages with an age difference

Love is feeling as beautiful as mysterious, not for nothing that everyone wants to unravel its formula. But this problem is not simple, it is completely unclear which parameter is the determining factor - growth, weight, psychological compatibility, age or zodiac sign? Let's try to understand at least one parameter - age.

Should there be a difference in age between spouses?

Many believe that marriages with a large age difference are doomed beforehand to decay. This opinion is based on the fact that the spouses will have too different interests and views on life in order to be able to come to a common denominator. This assumption is also confirmed by the results of surveys - most believe that the ideal age difference can be considered 1-5 years, 5-10 years of difference, too, is permissible, but not so good. But all marriages with a difference at the age of more than 10 years can not be happy. Although some numerology researchers say that even at the age of 15-16, the age difference in marriage can be ideal.

But there is an opinion that there are no happy marriages where there is no age difference. Because such couples will always find out who is the main person in the family, and the spouses will interfere with each other's development. So do psychologists, the same opinion is shared by the respondents. Of course, there are married couples who live very happily, but this is more like an exception. Most often, such unions are very complex and only patience and desire to understand the spouse can save the family.

Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that the normal, that is a small, age difference between the spouses should be. But how to be, if one spouse is much older than another, do such families necessarily disintegrate?

Marriages for love with a big age difference

Families in which the husband is much older than his wife, constantly cause public disapproval. Girls are accused of wanting to get rich at the expense of a rich old man, and men - in debauchery. Psychologists are not so categorical and explain the desire of women to marry a man who is much older than himself by the desire to find a defender and support in life. And their predictions of life in such a marriage are not so deplorable. Happiness is possible, if the couple can finish on the following possible disagreements:

Even more complaints are caused by families with an age difference, in which a woman is older than her husband. And it is often the condemnation of the public that destroys marriages that could be happy. Another reason why such marriages break up is the lack of respect for a woman with her younger partner. Also, ladies often experience their mother's feelings for their young husbands, in this case, the marriage will bring nothing but disappointment.