What is the kukold in sex?

What is a kukold is a concept by ear, but most people do not understand its true meaning. The word is often used as a synonym for "cuckold", but this is not entirely true. Couples who practice this kukold, call the process a manifestation of true love and care for a partner. But is this a separate issue.

What does "kukold" mean?

Where did this term come from, and what did it originally mean? There is an assumption that the kukold comes from the English word "cuckoo". As this female spends time with one male, which then goes to other birds, and she grows chicks with a previously selected "husband". Previously, a woman caught with a lover, called traitor, and her husband - kukoldom, he got a lot of ridicule.

Today the term has got another meaning. What is the kukold in sex? A man knows that the wife prefers to make love to another, and even is present at these scenes. Sometimes it is connected to the process, if the woman allows, since the dominant role is hers. Practitioners say that such a spectacle greatly stimulates and renews intimate relationships.

Kukold - reasons

Kukold in sex - this is a special relationship, when a married couple is not considered a betrayal of making love in the presence and with the participation of a third. Modern medicine has not yet decided whether to consider such manifestations as a disease, but certain mental abnormalities still take place. But only on the condition that the man does not accept other sexual relations. The reasons why couples agree on the kukold relationship are different.

The reasons for such an alliance for men:

  1. Subordination. The spouse reconciles with the position of the slave, is limited to the desires of the wife, which dictates any conditions. Up to the full denial of intimacy to her husband, giving herself only to her lover.
  2. Passion for humiliation, as a manifestation of masochism.
  3. Voyeurism. Observation of the wife's sex with an outsider is very exciting.

The reasons for such an alliance for women:

  1. Husband does not like sex.
  2. Do not walk up to the marriage, and try with others you want.
  3. Strong incentive to feel domineering and most attractive.

The husband wants to be a puppet - how to be?

Kukold relations are a certain breaking of stereotypes, to some extent, and psyches, because not every man is ready to share his wife with another, often remaining at the same time on secondaries. But if it turns out that the husband loves the dolls, the wife has to make a choice: to leave the family or try a new version of the love game. There is also such a format for the kukold, when a spouse requires that in sex a woman behave like a capricious mistress.

Most pairs refer to such intimate scenarios as to a special ritual. But you need a special skill in order not to transfer this scheme of relations into everyday life. A few tips from practitioners:

  1. Discuss the situation together, laying out all the details on the shelves.
  2. Identify the roles of each.
  3. Overcome your fear of a new relationship.
  4. Introduce a new format of relations "slave - mistress" carefully so as not to cause a trauma.

How to make a doll from a husband?

There are situations on the contrary: a woman wants to try a kukold, but a man does not dare. Experienced couples say that the preparation process can take a long time. Practical tips for achieving the goal of "husband - kukold":

  1. Start reading books on women's dominance.
  2. Watch movies on the theme of the doll.
  3. Learn to be sexually independent of men.
  4. Change the image, clothes, hair, make-up to emphasize their sexuality .
  5. From time to time, discuss with the husband the theme of "threesome sex."
  6. Go in communication with her husband to caress "friends", "baby", while prohibiting to call themselves by name.
  7. In sex, take the leading role, often put the conditions.
  8. With the help of hardcore porn to push her husband to the most uninhibited perverse actions in sex games.

How to behave with a doll-pair?

What is a doll for a couple? Often third parties they find on special sites, sometimes they invite friends, but they do not force anyone into the process, so they are quite adequate in communicating with others. The wife and husband of the kukold adhere to such principles:

  1. Kukold - not treason, but a process that gives pleasure.
  2. The husband remains the protector of the whole family, accepts children who were born from lovers.
  3. Lover or the third in the game performs only the role of the male, without the rights to children and responsibility for them.
  4. Rivalry between husband and lover encourages both to satisfy the woman as best as possible.
  5. A woman must constantly keep herself in shape to attract both partners.

What is dangerous kukold?

It is believed that in a pair of dolls a woman is liberated, blooming, very satisfied with herself. After all, both get amazing experience and sensations that are not available in a classic marriage. But we must not forget that the kukold is not just a change in the format of intimate relations, but balancing on the brink of collapse, the huge sharpness and breaking of habitual stereotypes can cause deviations in the psyche. If one of the couples goes to such an experiment voluntarily-compulsory, at any moment there can be an explosion of negativity, with dangerous consequences for all. Therefore, it is necessary to implement this practice cautiously.

Movies about the dolls

The popularity of the topic quickly found a response in the cinematography. Films with the plot of the dolls were created by directors of different countries, the most famous of them:

  1. "Breaking the prohibitions . " Moira's girlfriend loves having sex with men. Her fiancé Matteo accidentally witnesses such a scene and realizes that she is very excited about watching the process.
  2. "All ladies do it . " The beautiful wife boasts before her husband sexual adventures, which he takes for her imagination. And then it goes through a shock, this event changes their relationship.
  3. "Bob and Carol, Ted and Alice . " The otvyaznaya couple Bob and Carol diversify their sex lives , openly changing each other. Under their influence are friends of Ted and Alice, who at first do not take such a position. But later they change their attitude.