What should I cook for my child's birthday?

Usually, children's holidays are much calmer in a home environment, especially if your child is still very small. However, one has to solve a difficult dilemma: what to prepare for the birthday of the child, so that the dishes were not only tasty, but also useful. Important is their appearance, which should awaken the birthday person and his guests appetite. Therefore, consider the most common versions of the sample menu for the child's birthday.

Exclusive treats for your child's day

Before you go to the kitchen, you should learn more about what recipes are recommended by nutritionists for children's parties:

  1. Forget about the sharp, salty and excessively fatty dishes, the use of which can cause upset of the gastrointestinal tract in your child.
  2. Thinking about what you can cook for your child's birthday, immediately give up vegetables and fruits that can provoke allergies (strawberries, grapes, for the youngest - carrots).
  3. Fish and berries with bones are a source of danger for children of younger and even school age, who, after being in a state of excitement after games, can easily choke.

We advise you to try the simplest and most original varieties for your dear birthday and friends.

Cookies "Magic wands"

If you are still undecided about what to cook on your child's first birthday, offer your guests sweet and crispy sour cream sticks. In the menu for the child's birthday, a sweet table is traditionally provided, and such an original cookie will be very useful.



Mix flour with salt, baking powder and granulated sugar, add butter and immediately knead it with a fork to get crumbs. After the addition of sour cream, mix the dough not too thick consistency and put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Then from the dough we roll sausages 5-8 mm thick and give them the shape of "magic wands": spiral sweets, stars, hearts.

The resulting products are smeared with eggs and sent to the oven, heated to 200 degrees, for 7-10 minutes. The cookie will become a real "highlight" of the festive menu for the child's birthday, especially if sprinkled with poppy seeds or powdered sugar.

Cheese baskets with salad

Such an original meal will certainly awaken the appetite of your young guests. For them, store 200 g of hard Parmesan cheese: it will be enough for 6-8 servings. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper, rub the cheese with a grater and lay it on a baking sheet in the form of circles, which should be put in an oven with a temperature of 200 degrees. After 5 minutes, the cheese will melt. Take an ordinary glass, turn it over and form a basket of cheese circles, until the cheese has not cooled down. If you doubt that delicious cook quickly for the birthday of the child - it's a win-win option. After all, baskets can be filled with any salad to your liking, for example, listed below (for children from 7 years old).

Curd salad with cucumbers and radish



Without such a snack menu for the birthday of the child will not be so delicious. Radish and cucumbers cut into circles, salt, so that they have allocated the juice, which then merge. Add to them onions, cut into thin strips. Finely cut the fennel and pour in the same place. In the end we mix the salad with cottage cheese and fill it with butter and lemon juice, and also taste salt.

We also offer you options for interesting design of delicious light snacks for children.