25 unrealistic real injuries of the Olympians

Athletes with injuries face very often. For many, they become something self-evident. In most cases, the damage is not serious, and it takes a little time to restore them. But sometimes injuries are creepy.

And as practice shows, the greater the heights you achieve, the more serious the damage you can get. Olympians know this "rule" very well, but nevertheless strive to get to the competition. Lucky, alas, not all lovers take chances ...

1. Lazaro Borges and the broken pole

At the Olympics in London, during a qualifying jump of 5 meters, the Cuban broke a pole. The public held their breath in horror as Lazaro fell. Fortunately, the athlete landed on the mat, and only his pride was hurt.

2. Vincenzo Nibali was in an accident during the race

Cycling is actually much more dangerous than it may seem. Trying to overtake rivals, the Italian Nibali, accelerated to great speed and could not cope with the management of the bike. As a result, Vincenzo broke his collarbone in two places and, of course, got off the track.

3. Olympic trauma of Samir Aita

If you want to give the child to the gym, first read the story of Samir. The French athlete unsuccessfully landed after doing the exercise and broke his leg in two places. Because of the injury, part of the limb twisted and unnaturally hung in the air. At a sight of it for a head have seized even seasoned sportsmen.

4. Accident Annemik Van Vlüten

Accelerating, the Dutch cyclist sharply turned and fell off the vehicle. Annemik broke her face, got a concussion and three fractures of her spine. Seeing the accident, the mother of the sportswoman thought that her daughter had died. Fortunately, Annemik survived.

5. Injury of Ellie Downey's neck

By age 17, Ellie had reached considerable heights in gymnastics. At the Olympics in Rio, she planned to confirm her skills. But there was a disaster. Without calculating her strength, Downey could not complete the exercise and landed on her head. The athlete tried to gather strength and continue the performance, but in the end she had to seek the help of doctors.

6. Janos Baranyai and the fallen barbell

Raising large weights is fraught with various problems. At the Hungarian Olympian during the competition elbow jumped out of the joint. As a result, Janos dropped the bar and fell. Fortunately, the athlete did not receive a fracture.

7. Injury to Nancy Kerrigan

Figure skaters Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding were the main rivals. To eliminate the rival, Harding decided to go to crime. Her ex-husband hired people who beat Nancy and broke her knee. The athlete could not continue the competition, but at the next Olympics Kerrigan won a silver medal, and Tonya took only 8th place.

8. The fall of the Sae Je Heck bar

The athlete already won gold in Beijing and at the Olympics in London he wanted to repeat his success. But unfortunately, he only repeated the experience of Janos Baranyai - dislocated his elbow and dropped a 170-kilogram barbell.

9. Injuries to Kristen Maloney

For the 2000 Olympics, the gymnast arrived with a temperature damaged by a leg and an operated arm. Of course, during the speech injuries did not heal, but Kristen's condition only worsened. As a consequence, Maloney only hurt her leg more in the qualifying rounds and left the race.

10. The failure of Derek Redmond

Track and field athlete Derek Redmond showed the best time in the semi-finals and could well claim the gold of the competition. But at the most crucial moment he had a hamstring. Seeing that the athlete is limping, the doctors wanted to help him, but Derek waved and continued the race on foot. In a moment, his father came to help him. He helped Redmond reach the finish line, but the athlete made the last move himself.

11. Achilles tendon injury of Liu Xiang

This is one of the most famous athletes-athletes of China. And he could achieve even greater heights, do not tear his tendon at the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008.

12. The Fall of Dan and Hao Zhang

To overtake the Russian pair, figure skaters from China decided to perform a very complicated trick. On the first element, the Tribute fell very heavily and hit her knees. In a good way, the Chinese speech was supposed to end there, but the judges allowed the Zhang to roll back the program, and the partners became heroes, showing the real class.

13. Injury of ankle Kerry Straight

At the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, Kerry Straight broke two ligaments and sprained her ankle, but she did not leave the race. Having coped with the pain, the sportswoman finished the program and earned enough points for the gold medal of the American team.

14. Mantoe Mitchell breaks his leg in London

Even when his fibula bones cracked, the athlete continued to run. Manteo's willpower gave strength to the team and helped to earn a silver medal.

15. The terrible trauma of Paul George

The basketball player landed unsuccessfully after the jump, and his leg in the shin area actually formed in half.

16. Klyushka flew into the head of Katie Glynn

The stick that flies to the head is the last thing the hockey player wants to see. But that's exactly what Katie Glynn saw at the London Olympics. With a bloodied head, she fell into the field, but after the dressing she again entered the fight.

17. Incident with John Selski

The sportsman was cut by the hip with his left hip. Blood was flooded with the entire track. Fortunately, that the artery was not touched, nevertheless John had to impose 60 stitches.

18. The strike of Mariela Scarone

The face of Mariela also fell under the hockey stick. Everything happened very quickly and bloody.

19. Greg Luganis injured his head

During the dive, Greg suffered a head injury. The sportsman had to impose 9 seams. The scar from this Olympiad by Luganis remained forever.

20. Injury Talgata Ilyasova

In 2004, the wrestler was forced to stop the competition because of a spinal injury. After a forced break Talgat with joy returned to the Olympics in 2016, but here he was set for failure. During the first battle, he severely dislocated his elbow. After that, the athlete decided to retire.

21. The fall at the Olympics in Sydney

The Hungarian gymnast performed the whole program, but on the last exercise she fell and fell head on the mat. The trauma was so strong that the heart of Adrienne even stopped for 30 seconds.

22. Injury of Andreas Toba during a beautiful performance

During the first performance, Toba suffered damage to the cruciate ligament. He could not leave the arena independently. But a little later, meeting with the spirit, Andreas returned to the projectile and acted better than all his teammates.

23. The fallen bar of Andranik Karapetyan

The way the elbow joint of the Armenian sportsman cracked when trying to raise 195 kg was heard even by the spectators who watched the live broadcast.

24. Blood in the Water and Erwin Zador's Trauma

The sportsman received a blow from the Russian player. Because of the dissection, the entire pool turned red. It is noteworthy that in this fight with a score of 4 - 0, Hungary won.

25. Fatal performance of Nodar Kumaritashvili

The sleightman fell on a difficult stretch of the road, crashed into a steel pole and died almost instantly. Although many noted that the sports design was designed very unsafe, in conclusion, experts pointed out that Nodar was killed because of his own mistake.