30 photos, how difficult it is to fight overweight

It is difficult to test - to stay on the diet for more than one day, coping with all the temptations. On the difficulties of losing weight - in a funny photo-selection.

A huge number of women used different diets in order to throw off extra pounds. This is a serious test, which is best overcome if you approach it with humor. Presented photos will be appreciated by people who have ever embarked on the path of losing weight.

1. The moment when I realized that it's time to lose weight.

2. You can not ask relatives to help diet.

3. When you do not plan to break out of the diet, but very much wanted to drink soda.

4. At night, quietly, so that no one notices, you make your way to the refrigerator, and there - a surprise.

5. A picture of how I celebrated my birthday, sitting on a diet.

6. The desire to lose weight makes you struggle not only with your own vices, but also with provocations of others.

7. Here's how to scare people away from the desserts that are harmful to the figure, the action is 100%.

8. A perfect gift for a person who wants to lose weight for a long time, but can not make up his mind.

9. The first day of my diet - switched to dietary Coca-Cola.

10. The main thing is to start small: at least come to the gym for training.

11. The poster was presented by a beloved husband when he learned that his wife had taken a diet.

12. If I refuse the delicious, then no one in my house should relax.

13. When I decided to afford only one cookie, but details of the deal were not discussed in detail.

14. The only thing you can do with desserts when you are on a diet.

15. He said "yes", you can relax, cheers!

16. Even in the toy store you are hinting that it's time to go on a diet.

17. If only one person is losing weight at home, then everyone considers it his duty to pin him.

18. You can not ignore such signs, when you have long refused to desired, but harmful food.

19. When you want to demonstrate the "result" of training, ready for much.

20. An excellent marketing course that will attract people who want to lose weight and bored for baking.

21. This is what a man's dinner looks like, which exactly decided that from tomorrow he is on a diet.

22. Parents decided that the dog should lose some weight, and this I saw when I came home from school.

23. "No more bread," said the wife and unpacked a packet of bread.

24. The nutritionist has allowed only one square of the chocolate - the rule is observed.

25. When you sit on a diet for a long time, and it gets tired of people around.

26. Here's how pizza looks in our house now, because your wife needs to lose weight by the summer.

27. If you can not refuse harmful food, then at least cut the serving size.

28. Love me for who I am!

29. Here is the summer passed, you can, finally, relax and let yourself just lie down and do nothing.

30. I can refuse harmful food, so eat only one pancake.