30 pairs of ugly shoes, which no one will buy in a sober mind!

Do you remember that pair of shoes that you bought for stupidity and did not like the most? But we are ready to argue that even your most hateful shoes or boots can not compete in unfitness with the specimens from our collection!

Actually, we do not yet understand - why it was created, and who dared to try it on, but they are sure that no one will buy it in a sober mind!

1. Hairy shoes? And what - a good option to tickle someone's nerves!

2. And we did warn that we will show only the ugliest shoes in the collection!

3. And who just came up with this design?

4. Agree, the model is relevant!

5. Who would take a walk like this?

6. Tell me why?

7. Modern stars will appreciate!

8. We hope that this pair will not become a trend!

9. Definitely better than wearing sandals with a sock!

10. Oh, this tendency starts to frighten us!

11. Can not decide yet - is it a crime against shoes or jeans?

12. Pay attention - this is a couture copy!

13. A fun trip is planned!

14. Just in time for the beach season!

15. For the most athletic girls!

16. We thought that it could not be worse, but you ...

17. And this is a real model!

18. Just accept - these shoes even someone wore!

19. Oops, and this is too frank and sexy ...

20. But environmentally friendly!

21. Is this a sign of respect for the owner of the skin?

22. For romantically brutal machos!

23. On someone we already saw such ...

24. Or maybe they also give out a free WI-FI?

25. This collection starts to weaken our psyche!

26. When I grew up, but still continue to look at Bob's Sponge!

27. Or maybe they are very comfortable!

28. Slap pads? This is too much!

29. We are not ready for such high shoe technologies yet!

30. No, your eyes do not lie to you - these are boats with nipples!