Ability of man

Many of us are interested in the question: are there people with superpowers? Indeed, this is very interesting.

Of course, people with superpowers exist! Examples of such people are in the famous book of Gines, and so you can meet in life, even every day. It's just that you do not always find out about it. Few people are talking about this in every corner. So - do not be surprised!

The reasons for the development of superpowers can be many. They can be both natural and soft, and unsafe cruel.

The supernormal capacity of the brain and consciousness is a very fine line between the real world and the imagination. The only difference is that we are used to seeing the world just like this, the standard one. And the imagination allows humanity to look a little deeper, touch what we can not see with our eyes, but we can feel it!

How to recognize the manifestation of super-ability?

In order to answer this question, you need to know what prevents an ordinary person from discovering a superpower.

  1. The belief that a person can receive superpower without his own efforts. The notion that it is given to us is mistaken. After all, it's much easier to think so and do nothing at the same time.
  2. Laziness. This is a fairly common phenomenon. No comments.
  3. Lack of imagination. Imagine yourself on an uninhabited island. What do you feel? What do you see and see? What sounds do you hear? If you managed to completely turn off and feel this atmosphere, then you are all right with the imagination.
  4. Inability to achieve a deep trance state. Only practice will help here.
  5. Lack of purpose. If you do not have a goal, then your efforts will never be crowned with success. Ask yourself the question, why do you need it.
  6. Disbelief. Without faith, you can turn off any business altogether. Because you do not have any incentive or that which would push you up and not give up, to develop.
  7. Lack of time. Self-education has always required tremendous effort and time. A lot of time, very much. Are you ready for this? Do you have the patience and free time that you would spend, not to the detriment of your family (work, study, health)? In pursuit of superpowers do not lose common sense!
  8. Excessive choice - you are lost. In our time of excessive information flow there is an uncountable choice of methods and methods of self-development. A person can try one, not to finish and quit. To take after another, throw again halfway. The matter will end with the fact that such methods can be changed a lot! Then to start for the third, for the fourth ... way of super achievements. This is worst of all. Because the result will not be seen by one who so strongly strives! Therefore, finish the job to the end. Eliminate throwing from one development method to another.
  9. Religious prejudices. Many people think that God does not want us to know ourselves and the world as a whole. But someone has invented it, and most believe it. On the contrary, it is necessary to develop and learn, constantly.

As you have already understood, super abilities are not easy at all. Therefore, do not be skeptical about such a special person. Most likely, he worked hard on himself to achieve any results. But this is your opinion, and no one has the right to tell you what point of view you need to have. If you're wondering if you have super abilities, then check yourself everyday. Constantly come up with a test for super abilities, give assignments and exercises. This will help you to get yourself.

What are human superpowers?

  1. Absolute memory.
  2. Absolute hearing.
  3. Enhanced light perception.
  4. "Echolocation". Most often developed in the blind. They emit a sound, and by its echo determine where to find the desired object.
  5. "Super taste."
  6. "Super-sense of smell."