Cuisine of Luxembourg

The fact that such small states as, for example, Luxembourg , has its own national cuisine is quite spicy. Historically absorbing the aromas of the recipes of their neighbors - Belgium, France and Germany - certain taste preferences were formed in this area. But today we can say with confidence that the cuisine of Luxembourg is isolated due to old recipes that have been preserved and continue to be used today. And this is a kind of is not only a feature, but also a tourist attraction of the attractive country of Luxembourg.

Meat or fish?

The inhabitants themselves vote with their appetite for a variety of meat dishes. The most popular dish - "Jud mat mahardbonen" - finely chopped smoked pork in sour cream sauce. Be sure to serve with a garnish of beans and potatoes. The culinary skill of local masters is considered to be appetizingly cooked bird giblets. In restaurants and at home tables there are always all kinds of sausages, the most favorite is the blood, veal brains or liver with the heart, pork or beef with vegetables.

The menu of many establishments in the hunting season lures tourists with an exotic dish called "roast meat". It is a hearty and delicious local delicacy. While in Luxembourg, be sure to try Arden ham, jelly piglets or pork ears, pate from goose liver.

Meat dishes are usually served with a side dish of your favorite local vegetables: radish, beets, potatoes and an abundance of greens.

The fish menu is based on the river's local catch and crayfish, the tastes of which are already legendary among gourmets. Fish are cooked mostly on charcoal and served with a sweet and sour sauce. Especially liked trout, pike and perch.

All shades of taste

No table and dinner in Luxembourg and almost no dish can do without marinades and cheeses. Cheeses, as a rule, are used by the local, which produce in the duchy quite a wide range.

It is interesting that cheese is often the main note in baking and delicious desserts.


Baking is a special pride of Luxembourg. It is produced mainly by old family bakeries, where from generation to generation unique traditions and recipes are transferred. In addition to croissants, cookies, all kinds of pies and biscuits, it's worth noting the delicious pies and cakes with open jam, fruit, jam and chocolate filling. Dozens of types of dough and hundreds of types of pies daily delight the townspeople and guests of the duchy. Of the imported sweets, perhaps you can find only Swiss sweets and chocolate.

A good drink is a pledge of a good dinner

The visiting card of the cuisine of Luxembourg in Europe for a long time are white wines from the Moselle valley (all connoisseurs of delicious wines are advised to go on a tour of the wine path ). Here produce more than 30 kinds of brands of different wines. The most popular and popular dry wines: "Albling", "Oxerua" and "Beaufort". From the table wines we recommend Kemich, Rivaner, An, Ennem, Vormeldang and others. Exotic wines are considered to be "Silvaner" and "Gevurtztramminer". Some wines produce only in a particular village or family vineyard.

By the way, in the castle of Beaufort tourists are offered a tasting of their own legendary wine from black currant. In Luxembourg, there are also several varieties of good beer, fruit and berry liqueurs (apple, plum, pear) and sparkling wines, which are very similar to champagne. The first place among popular soft drinks is divided among themselves fruit juices and mineral water.