Can I bring alcohol in the luggage of an airplane?

The airplane is the fastest way to travel from one country to another, but before you go on a flight, you should familiarize yourself with what and how you can take with you.

Often tourists are interested in the question of whether it is possible to transport alcohol in the luggage of an airplane, after all, alcoholic beverages are usually bought as gifts from overseas trips.

Is it possible to transport alcohol in the luggage of an airplane?

Everyone knows that the carriage of liquids in the cabin of the aircraft is limited to 100 ml for one type, therefore it is recommended to transport bottles with liquor in the luggage. This can only be done by adult passengers in the volume permitted on a particular route.

How much alcohol can you carry in your luggage?

The amount of alcohol allowed for transportation depends on the country you are going to come to:

  1. Russia . On domestic flights, passengers who have reached the age of 21 can carry in their luggage as many drinks as possible, with a strength of less than 70 degrees. Import into the country is allowed only 5 liters per person, 2 of which are free of charge, and for the others it is necessary to pay a fee.
  2. Ukraine . It is allowed to transport 7 liters of soft drinks (beer, wine) and 1 liter of strong (vodka, cognac).
  3. Germany . To import it is allowed 2 liters of strength up to 22 degrees and 1 liter above. When crossing the border, other norms (90 liters and 10 liters) are in force from the EU countries.
  4. Singapore, Thailand . 1 liter of any alcoholic beverage.

In countries such as the UAE and the Maldives to import alcoholic beverages is prohibited, so they are confiscated at customs. If you try hard, you can return your bottles when you depart.

How to pack alcohol for transportation in the luggage of an airplane?

The most important condition that you are allowed to bring alcohol, it should be in a closed factory packaging, and when you purchase it in the duty-free zone - in a sealed paper package with a special logo.