Catering - what is it and how to succeed in this direction?

Recently, special parties have become especially popular to get away parties, when the organizational issues are taken up by professionals. Catering - what kind of service is it? This is an activity in which banquets are organized wherever the customer wishes, which at the same time receives restaurant service. Its main advantage is mobility and variety of scenarios.

Catering services - what is it?

In translation from English, catering is delivery, the service began to gain fame recently, although in Europe for many years. Such services represent many companies, each has its own "highlights": cooking, scripts, special service. So far, the most common are two types of catering:

  1. Eventive . Preparation of the holidays: presentations, weddings, parties, picnics, barbecues, graduation balls, seminars and trainings. Often they are booked in the summer, for the winter business format is closer. A convenient schedule and a special menu, an individual script at the request of customers.
  2. Corporate . Delivery of lunches to offices, organization of food places at enterprises. In Europe, such services are ordered by almost all organizations, but in Russia it is less in demand. The reasons for this - the desire of merchants to save and not expensive rent of premises.

Catering and its varieties

Considering in detail catering, what it is and what it is, it is worth noting the following. If earlier it was customary to celebrate birthdays and important dates in restaurants, now the home cosiness and relaxed atmosphere are more appreciated. Large receptions in country houses and became the impetus for the creation of such services as catering. From the owners only need to read their demands, determine the format of the party and pay. Catering services include:

The following types of services are selected according to the format of orders:

  1. Hookah catering . Original steam cocktails are prepared by an experienced expert, provides a variety of adaptations, prepares mixtures from different varieties of tobacco. Restriction can only be the age of customers, the service is provided only to adults.
  2. Children's catering . A special menu is prepared for the children, with original design and age of the invited. Experts prepare the territory for the celebration, provide a script and entertain the party members for all the agreed time.

All you need to know about catering

Professional catering is not only an excellent cuisine and experienced organizers, it is also necessary to take into account the nuances of the service, taking into account the motive and composition of the guests. Official events often complete the banquet with full and partial service, there are such types of it:

  1. Banquet-cocktail - for conferences and meetings.
  2. Banquet-tea - birthdays.
  3. Banquet-buffet - for a large number of guests.
  4. Combined - mixed service.
  5. Half board - guests are seated only at the beginning of the holiday.
  6. Buffet - accommodation at un-served tables.

Arrangements for corporate parties are arranged:

How to organize catering?

Catering, as a business, covers many services: from the sale of delicacies at local festivities to large-scale parties. Enterprises specializing in such services are divided into three groups:

  1. Agencies that deal with business meetings, weddings and picnics.
  2. Restaurants and cafes, the services of which include catering.
  3. Intermediary firms that accept online orders and deliver them to customers.

Such companies provide:

Offsite catering - what does this save the organizers? Expenses for permanent staff of employees. But there are also disadvantages: large expenditures on transportation and delivery of special equipment: refrigerators, thermostats, dishware. On average, the staff of such companies totals up to 50 people. There is also a customer base, and a flexible system of discounts.

How to develop catering?

Catering services include more games and original interactive, to provide guests with more impressions. Therefore, customers, except for the menu, can order:

  1. Venue of the event.
  2. Experienced chefs and waiters.
  3. Lead program.
  4. Photographer and videographer.
  5. Registration of the hall or territory.
  6. Rent of dishes, furniture and tents.

Ideas for catering

The organization of catering is a complicated business, but Russian businessmen successfully master it. As such services help to compete with other cafes and restaurants, this niche is not empty. At the same time, businessmen try to show creativity in ideas. Today we offer specialists of such unusual catering:

  1. Cooking with the chef.
  2. Decoration of halls in any style.
  3. Focus on local cuisine.
  4. Homemade cocktails, they are prepared by the guests themselves, under the guidance of an experienced bartender.