Cold during pregnancy - how dangerous, and how to treat the disease?

With the onset of conception, a tremendous restructuring takes place in the woman's body. Hormonal, and with it other body systems begin to work differently. There is a weakening of protective forces, so a cold during pregnancy occurs frequently.

Symptoms of a cold

Because of the genetic differences between the embryo and the baby, the activity of the immune system decreases in the early stages. This condition creates favorable conditions for the introduction and development of viruses in the body, which constantly attack a person. As a result, a cold occurs during pregnancy. The most common is the influenza virus. With the introduction of the pathogen into the body, the corresponding symptoms of the disease are observed:

In rare cases, a cold without a fever occurs, it is difficult to identify during pregnancy. A woman can make single complaints about a cough, a runny nose, while her overall well-being will be satisfactory. Determine the disease in this case is possible by the results of laboratory tests (blood test, urine). It is difficult to determine the disease independently.

Is the common cold dangerous during pregnancy?

The development of ARVI during pregnancy can adversely affect both the health of the woman herself, the course of gestation, and the development of the fetus. Severity of complications is determined by the type of pathogen and the duration of the disease. At different stages of intrauterine development, the virus can differently affect the fetus, provoking malfunctions in the process of organogenesis, causing malfunctioning of the internal organs and systems of the maternal organism.

What is dangerous cold in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Directly ARI in the early stages of pregnancy can provoke the development of complications of the gestational process. With the development of a cold before the 12th week of pregnancy there is a high probability of spontaneous abortion. In the first trimester, the organs of the future baby are laid. The effect of viruses and toxins on the fetus has a negative effect on this process, often provoking a malfunction. According to medical observations, every eighth case of ARVI in the first trimester provokes the development of miscarriage.

The second terrible complication of pregnancy against the background of SARS is the fading of the fetus . In this case, the miscarriage does not occur itself, the pregnant woman can feel good. However, when ultrasound is performed, it turns out that the fetus has ceased its development: the cardiac system does not function, there are no palpitations. This situation requires the termination of pregnancy followed by cleaning the uterine cavity.

What is the risk of a cold in the second trimester of pregnancy?

The development of ARI at this time has lesser consequences for the fetus and pregnancy in general. Complications occur less often. This is due to the presence of the placental barrier, which prevents the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses to the fetus. However, it is impossible to completely exclude the development of negative influences of viral infections in the 2nd trimester. Among possible it is necessary to name the following consequences of a cold in pregnancy, the development of which depends on the gestation period:

In addition, there is a possibility of development of other pathologies that do not depend on the gestational age:

What is dangerous for a cold in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy?

Telling women about what is dangerous cold during pregnancy, doctors pay particular attention to ARVI in late terms. Viral infections can adversely affect the condition of the placenta , which by the end of pregnancy does not already have the proper compensatory ability. As a result, the fetus may not receive the required amount of oxygen, which leads to the development of chronic hypoxia.

In addition, doctors do not exclude the possibility of penetration of the pathogen to the fetus, since the placenta under the influence of the virus reduces its protective functions. In practice, a cold in pregnant women rarely provokes this, in contrast to premature delivery. Colds, fever often provoke an early onset of labor due to the development of placental abruption or the passage of amniotic fluid. In later terms, infection of the amniotic fluid can occur, which provokes a cold during pregnancy.

What can I do during pregnancy in ARVI?

Treatment for a cold during pregnancy should be under the supervision of a doctor. Self-administration of medications often leads to complications of pregnancy. Self-medication can affect not only the condition of the fetus, but also the health of the future mother. Many drugs for colds during pregnancy are forbidden to apply. The doctor decides whether to prescribe such medicines when the benefits of their use exceed the risk of complications. Before treating ARVI during pregnancy, a woman should consult a doctor.

What medicines can be used in pregnancy for colds?

The basis of therapy for colds is symptomatic therapy. Its action is aimed at combating certain manifestations of the disease. Depending on what purpose the doctor will follow, prescribing medications for pregnant women with a cold, the following medicines are more often used:

Folk remedies for pregnant women from colds

When the cold during pregnancy only grows, folk methods of treatment can quickly stop it. Depending on what disorders are accompanied by a cold during pregnancy, use herbal teas from the leaves of mother-and-stepmother, plantain, black currant. Excellent helps cope with cough onion syrup.

Prescription of a medicine from an onion


Preparation, application

  1. The bulb in the shell is poured with water, covering the head completely.
  2. They put on slow fire and cook for 30-40 minutes.
  3. Cool and take the broth for 1 tsp 4-5 times a day, half an hour before meals.

Iodine-salt solution for colds


Preparation, application

  1. Salt and iodine are added to warm water, thoroughly mixed.
  2. Bury in the nose 2-3 drops of solution in each nostril 4 times a day.

Thinning gargle


Preparation, application

  1. In warm boiled water add soda and iodine.
  2. Stir thoroughly.
  3. The resulting solution is used to rinse the throat 4-6 times a day.

Than to treat a cold during pregnancy?

Treatment of acute respiratory viral infection during pregnancy is carried out taking into account the period. Most of the drugs are prohibited for use in the early stages of gestation. But even at this time, some medicines may be prescribed by the doctor's decision. At the same time, the future mother must strictly observe the appointments and recommendations of specialists. This will eliminate the development of complications, the effect on the fetus.

Than to treat a cold at pregnancy, 1 term?

Colds during pregnancy, 1 trimester, is a great danger to the future baby. Knowing this, many women panic. However, the pregnant woman should, on the contrary, calm down and do not worry. You need to consult a doctor already when the first symptoms of a cold appear. Most of the drugs that are used in ARVI, in the early stages of gestation are contraindicated. The woman has to stop her choice on symptomatic therapy. Colds in early pregnancy are treated by:

Than to treat a cold at pregnancy, 2 term?

Women in the middle of the term rarely suffer from a cold during pregnancy - the 2 trimester allows the use of most medicines. To directly affect the cause of ARVI, doctors use antiviral drugs:

When coughing, use drugs that actively affect the cough center:

To combat a runny nose, you should not use vasoconstrictor drugs. Doctors recommend washing the nose with solutions based on sea water:

Than to treat a cold at pregnancy, 3 trimester?

Colds during pregnancy (3 trimester) are often a provoking factor for the onset of labor. Cough can provoke muscle tension of the abdominal and uterus, as a result of which the tonus of the genital organ sharply increases. This phenomenon doctors pay special attention. In general, the treatment of colds during pregnancy in the third trimester does not differ from this in the second.

Prevention of acute respiratory infections in pregnancy

Proper prophylaxis of ARVI during childbearing helps reduce the risk of developing colds.

To avoid the development of the disease, doctors are advised to follow the following rules:

  1. After visiting places with a large population of people, you need to rinse your mouth thoroughly with infusions of chamomile, calendula and eucalyptus.
  2. Continuously ventilate the living area, at least 3 times a day.
  3. To maintain the body's defenses, one must take multivitamins.
  4. To exclude contact with patients.