Crazy Patchwork

Such an interesting kind of needlework, like patchwork, allows you to create unusual and very beautiful things, sewing together small pieces of fabric.

A finished product can combine elements of completely different shapes, shades and textures. Often the details are stitched together in a certain order, creating a geometric ornament or a pre-conceived pattern. However, there is a Crazy Patchwork technique in which the fabric elements are sewn together in a chaotic manner.

If you have accumulated a large number of beautiful cloth shreds, of which you can not sew a full-fledged product, but throwing away your hand, the technique of patchwork crazy will come in handy. You can create a thoughtful composition, sketching out a scheme on paper, or to succumb to inspiration and arrange the elements without a certain order. In any case, patchwork in the style of crazy will allow you not only to get rid of the accumulated shreds, but also to create from them a truly unusual and unique thing.

Guided by the amount of material available, consider in advance what you will sew. It can be a blanket, a blanket, a tablecloth, an apron, a bag or even an article of clothing. In this master class, we will talk about how in the technique of crazy patchwork make a cute sofa cushion.

Pillow in the style of crazy patchwork

Necessary materials

For work you will need:


Even for beginner needlewomen, the Crazy Patchwork technique will not be difficult. The only thing you need to be able to do is use a sewing machine.

Let's start:

  1. Lay out the flaps on the desktop and make sure that they all have straight edges. Trim the uneven parts with a knife.
  2. Select the element that will be central, and place it in the middle of the square from the muslin.
  3. Place the second item on the first face down. Align the edges and stitch all three layers together, including the muslin.
  4. Place the next flap and stitch it on the workpiece.
  5. Continue to spread and sew items until you completely cover the whole muslin. You can create a specific drawing. For example, a stylized rose in the technique of crazy patchwork will be obtained if you lay out pieces of fabric in a spiral one on the other. Or just sew details in chaotic order.
  6. When finished, turn the workpiece over and gently trim the excess with a knife for the fabric.
  7. If desired, you can decorate the joints between parts with decorative seams.
  8. Do likewise the second part of the pillowcase. Then sew the two halves together and stuff the pillow.
  9. Cushion cushion in the technique of crazy patchwork is ready to decorate your living room.

We also offer you several ideas for inspiration in Crazy Patchwork technique.