Determining the sex of the child by blood renewal

"Who will be: son or daughter?" - a very urgent issue for future parents.

With the help of modern medical methods of research, in particular ultrasound , it is possible to determine a lot: height, weight, the presence of malformations and, of course, the gender of the baby, with almost 100% probability. However, in the best case, the uziist will tell you who your baby will be a boy or girl, not earlier than the second trimester of pregnancy.

And until then, in order to satisfy your own curiosity, you can trust in other, not entirely scientific methods, which also have the right to exist.

Among the many known methods, it is possible to distinguish a method for determining the sex of a child by blood renewal. In what an essence of the given technique, and what its reliability, we will try to understand.

How to calculate the sex of the child by blood?

Even being a sensible person, it is very difficult not to succumb to the temptation to try to calculate the sex of your crumbs early on. Moreover, on the vastness of the world wide web and in print media, information on this issue can not be counted. Future mothers are invited to use the ancient tables, folk signs and other numerous methods, for example, the blood group, the Rh factor, the date of conception . The most interesting thing is that in most cases, the results of these techniques do not coincide, which further deceives the parents, whom they should wait for: a boy or a girl.

Relatively new and accurate, is the method of determining the sex of the child by the blood of his parents, based on already confirmed studies that the human blood is periodically updated.

Scientists managed to calculate the cycle of complete blood renewal: in the fair half it takes place every three years, in men - in four. It should also be borne in mind that the renovation is facilitated by large blood loss, for example, surgical interventions, childbirth, transfusion, and donation.

According to this theory, the sex of the future child depends on whose blood is younger. That is, if the mother's blood is fresh, then the girl will be born, and vice versa.

The indicator of the youth of the blood can be calculated independently, this requires the age of the mother at the time of conception to be divided into three, and the number of full years of the father by four, and the sex of the child can be determined by the remainder of the figures obtained.

For example, a woman of 29 years with large blood loss she did not have, and a man of 32, try to determine the sex of the child by their blood:

  1. 29: 3 = 9.6
  2. 32: 4 = 8.0

Thus, a given couple will have a boy, because at the time of conception, his father's blood was younger.

Prognosis of a child's sex by blood

Almost all parents claim that the sex of the child for them does not matter, however, sometimes it is not. For example, if there are already two boys in the family, for sure, mom and dad still want a little princess. Or dad in a women's team, most likely, will dream of an heir. In such situations, the method of planning the sex of the child for blood changes will come in handy. However, it is necessary to act according to the reverse scheme, that is, to calculate the age when the child of the desired sex can turn out according to the indicators of youth of blood.

Of course, it is not worthwhile to completely rely on the method of determining the sex of a child by blood, as, in fact, any other scientifically unreasonable method. After all, until now, the factors that predetermine the sexual identity of the fetus have not been finally established. Therefore, a boy or a girl is still a matter of chance.

And by and large it is not so important, because the main thing is that the baby was born healthy.