Exercise of tobacco for women

Now we will try to explain why in 4 minutes a day it is possible to lose weight. The system of exercises of tobacco for women is designed in such a way that whatever exercises you repeat, they still contribute to weight loss. The secret is that you need to do them one after another, not letting your heart slow down your rhythm, resting between each approach.

Thanks to this, the exercises of tobacco for women help to speed up the basic metabolism 15 times, in comparison with the state of rest. This is a huge indicator that will allow you to burn fat not only during 4 minutes of slimming tobacco training, but generally all the time when you sleep, sit, eat or walk - the body will now start working at a new speed.

Exercises for women in the protocol of tobacco seem and there are simple, but do not forget, even a simple exercise is difficult to perform at the maximum rate without any rest.

Scientists have even conducted studies of how many calories burn tobacco, since it is so effective. It turned out that regular hourly cardio training burns more calories, but a group of people who trained on tobacco protocol burned twice as much as hypodermic fat than those who did classical cardio.

When you experience a complex of tobacco, you will notice that breathing has increased very much, you literally absorb the air. This is the key to unlocking the effectiveness of tobacco - frequent breathing oxygenates the blood, better than the deep and slow, and the O2-rich blood just speeds up metabolism.

Complex exercises of tobacco for women

In the case of tobacco training, there is one more important plus - you will not have the opportunity to find an excuse and skip the lesson on the pretext of lack of time. Our training lasts 4 minutes, during this time we will perform 8 rounds and only 2 exercises.

The main rule is that we work 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then work again. Exercises alternate before the expiration of time.

  1. Jumps - we spread our legs wider than shoulders, touch the floor with our hands and tilt the body forward, from here we jump up and stretch out our arms and legs. Then we squat again and touch the floor, and then jump out.
  2. We take the emphasis lying, on exhalation, we begin alternately to reach our arms one by one - the left leg to the left hand, the right one to the right one.
  3. We repeat the jumps from the first round.
  4. We take an emphasis lying down and repeat the second exercise.
  5. We repeat the jumps.
  6. Repeat the exercise in the supine position.
  7. We repeat the jumps.
  8. We repeat the emphasis lying.
  9. When you have finished, do not stop abruptly - take several active steps in place, calm your breathing.