FAM breast cancer - what is it?

Often after the examination, seeing in the conclusion a diagnosis of "FAM breast", a woman has no idea what it is, how a violation is manifested and what is dangerous. Let's look at the disease in more detail, let's name the existing forms of the disease, give a brief description of each of them.

FAM of mammary glands - what is it?

Fibroadenomatosis - under this disease is commonly understood as a set of pathological processes that involve a change in the ratio of glandular and connective tissue component in the breast.

What are the causes of the violation?

It is worth noting that most often one of the main reasons doctors call the hormonal imbalance of the female body. In turn, this phenomenon may be due to:

What forms of violation are customary?

There are many classifications of this disease. At the same time, the unified medical staff was not able to compile.

Most often, depending on the nature and prevalence of the lesion, there are:

  1. Focal form. Speaking from the fact that it is a focal breast of the breast, it is first necessary to say that it is a benign process. At the same time, the glandular tissue of the glandular tissue is replaced by fibroblasts in some parts of the gland . Externally it is defined as one or more dense nodules that are perfectly palpated. Painful sensations have a weak character, or none at all.
  2. Localized form. If we consider the local FAM of the breast, then it must be said that this is a violation in which compaction causes pain during palpation. At the same time the boundaries of education have clear edges, the skin covers over them are changed.
  3. Depending on the features of the histological character, they distinguish:

This classification is quite primitive, and does not reflect the full picture of possible forms of violations. Determination of the exact type of the disease is possible only with a comprehensive, thorough diagnosis.