Female white suit - 106 photos of stylish images for all occasions

Female white costume is a universal ensemble and an excellent base for creating unique and unique, experimental images. Any fashionista, regardless of age and composition, choosing for herself an outfit that hits with whiteness or with an interesting print, in all shades of the main color, will instantly be in the spotlight.

Fashionable white suit

Stylish white women's costume combined all innovative trends and fresh ideas, and the creators of haute couture brilliantly composed the eternal classics and new trends. So, on the catwalk there is an openwork femininity retro and blinding shine of futurism, and originally "male", but updated with all the features of modernity, the trio has become a real seasonal highlight for business women. Original and warm solutions with a jacket and skirt in milky white and white-blue tones.

Which female white suit is better, with a skirt or trousers? The choice depends on personal preferences, because now not only the dress code allows you to come to the office in trouser suits, but also designers are creating elegant ensembles for the appearance of light. Hot news:

White female classical suit

The trouser female white elegant suit consists of a single-breasted or double-breasted jacket, a waistcoat and loose or slightly flared down long trousers. Worked leading fashion designers and over the classic deuce: a jacket and skirt , enriching the restrained English gloss with French charm and Italian decor. In trendy models on the sleeves and lapels of pockets can be present: lace trim, fine fringe, cuts and small flounces, and on the hem of the skirt, the length of which varies from midi to not extreme mini, also Basque.

At the height of popularity is a female white trouser suit with narrow shortened trousers and a jacket of restrained cut in a two-color ever-trendy black and white combination, and to a trousers skirt designers have created a bohemian jacket-robe that can be worn with or without a belt. Such an ensemble will definitely appeal to extravagant people who prefer an eccentricity in everything.

White knitted white dress

About the indisputable mast have - a female white knitted pantsuit can confidently say that it is represented in "fifty shades" of dominant color, from "antique white" to smoky. Now it is difficult to imagine an oversize and sport-chic without knitted things, not only complete with trousers, but also with a skirt. These basic items of the women's wardrobe have gained immense popularity not only because hand-made products have conquered the world podium, but also because of the overall comfort in sock, and the opportunity to easily choose for them hit democratic accessories and comfortable shoes.

What styles and patterns are in fashion?

  1. "Classics of the genre". Openwork sweater, knitted with large patterned knitting, and "smooth" pants, or top and bottom with the same pattern.
  2. Female white suit made of smoothly knitted jersey with an elongated even sweater, tunic or pullover and straight pants.
  3. Elegant knitted blouses and trousers with openwork inserts and a smooth skirt, a trapeze or a light flare with a straight sweater, bound with a patterned or English rubber band.

Female white winter suit

Warm, beautiful white female suits of large patterned binding and in the "crow's feet" Chanel - this is something that will not cost true ladies in this season. In order to walk in the cold became the most comfortable fashion designers have developed warm trouser suits with a lining, comfortable and for winter sports. Additional decor: shiny fabrics, contrasting inserts and embroidery.

Interesting novelties from haute couture, worthy of attention:

Female white summer suit

If you want to look respectable, choose a stylish white suit with a fitted jacket and a pencil skirt decorated with contrasting details: skirt edging, accent on sleeves and turn-down collar. From it does not lag behind a set of blouses with a basque and trousers klesh, in such ensembles you can safely go to work and on a romantic date. Along with monotonous ensembles, in the trend of summer solutions with modern floral, geometric and abstract drawings on a light background, monotonous suits with vests and original variants with shorts.

Female white summer suit

Women's white tracksuit

Modern women's sports suits of white color have long gone beyond the clothing of only sports, because the original sets with a variety of designer decor perfectly fit into a comfortable vacation style street. The only taboo is a strict dress code. What do the leading masters who produce products "all for sports" offer?

  1. Tops and shorts, trousers and swiss shirts or T-shirts with various patterned inserts and embroidery.
Women's white tracksuit
  1. "Smart" compression suits with different prints and kits: breeches and t-shirt or t-shirt.
  2. A female white tennis suit, perfect for summer walks and beach parties, and what can not be overlooked: trouser sets from Chanel, with the Nike and Puma logo and with the legendary three stripes.
Beautiful white sports suit

Women's White Lace Suit

Hot squeak - a female white suit with lace is chosen by successful and famous ladies to be published in order to emphasize the natural sensuality. It is interesting - sets with a skirt pants flared and pleated and laced top, knitted summer suits: a midi skirt on a coquette and a top with loose sleeves. Haute couture style: tunics and short trousers made of satin and guipure, guipure ensembles with a pencil skirt and trouser twins with elongated jackets. An excellent solution for elegant summer is a lacy female white suit with a maxi skirt and liana version with openwork inserts for owners of luxurious shapes.

Women's White Lace Suit

Female white business suit

Fashionable strict female white suit can be not only monophonic, but to the great joy of true fashionistas, style legislators created neoclassical deuces and triplets in a discreet cage or strip and decorated European versions of office clothing with embroidery. Another laconic decor is allowed lower pants, lapels of jackets and collar, in skirts are possible versatile soft accents of the hem and transparent or openwork inserts, and in jackets - Baska.

Female white business suit

If you decide that the female white suit is full, then take a closer look at the classics with an even skirt and year, the length of which reaches the middle of the shin. For magnificent beauties, according to the stylists, trouser sets in white with long trousers flared from the knees will suit, and slender young ladies can look at themselves as a traditional office cut, and all its variations of any permissible length.

Female white trouser suit for the wedding

What could be more interesting than a snow-white wedding dress? Only the wedding white white pantsuit is the avant-garde choice of stylish modernity, created for those brides who in any situation are accustomed to feel full comfort. These products, especially complemented by a variety of trails, both from the shoulders and from the waist, not only look no worse than traditional outfits, but also are an excellent alternative to cumbersome, lush and not always comfortable dresses.

Female white trouser suit for the wedding

With what to wear a female white suit?

Want to be in a trend, create experimental images with a female white suit, as a monophonic, playing in contrast either full of snow-white, or with a printed one. If the choice fell on a bright set with an unusual pattern on the main background, for the final accents, you should choose an accessory and shoes in the color of one of the elements of the general ornament. When creating a completely white bow, it can be slightly varied by minor details in the form of a bezel on a hat or shoes of a different shade.

Fashionable images in a white suit

Female white suit is combined with a variety of sizes and styles of bags, both in dark and light colors, with or without patterns. To the selection of shoes, stylists are advised to take care: business ensembles are better complemented with classic and modern shoes, appropriate in offices, and brutal models and shoes sport-chic at low speed - leave for holiday routine. Evening in white - elegance in everything to the smallest detail, as the color itself obliges.

Female white trouser suit

Like comfortable and practical sneakers and slip-ons , choose a female white suit with trousers of youth style or "male" cut, or a-la skinny, and a contrast mega clutch or a large bag of to-hobo will successfully complement such images. Although it is generally believed that whiteness takes any accessories, so as not to "weight" images in the style of the military, it is better to look at the small and medium feminine bags over your shoulder. Under the suits with patterns on the dominant color, shoes and an accessory that repeat the pattern are ideal.

Female classic white trouser suit, made of crepe, satin, guipure or silk, is an ideal choice for any event, which is equally easy to combine with catchy and laconic accessories, classic and modern footwear. The first in the general onions add a bright prospect, and the second - a gentle lightness. Under the deuces and threes are perfectly suited tops and lacy t-shirts, elegant blouses and shirts not only in one tone, but also in contrast. Always stylish and out of fashion - black and white, white and red.

Female white suit with skirt

A win-win option is women's white suits with versatile skirts. The only thing advised to pay close attention to the stylists is the style of the jacket, so that he successfully conceals the small errors of the figure and emphasizes the dignity. Trendy and unusual couture offers:

Female white suit with skirt