Etchpochmak in Tatar

Echpochmak (or uchpochmak) - the Tatar and Bashkir traditional national dish, popular pastries, is a patty with a triangular shape and stuffing.

Tell you how to prepare echpochmaki in Tatar.

Typically, dough for echpochmakov make fresh yeast (less often unleavened, that is, wheat flour + water). Filling of chopped meat, onions and / or potatoes. Meat is usually used lamb, but other options are possible (not pork, of course). Filling in echpochmaki is laid raw. During cooking, a little broth is poured into the patties, the surface is smeared with butter.

Etchpochmak in Tatar - recipe



In a deep bowl, mix milk, vegetable oil, egg and dry yeast, add sugar and a pinch of salt. Lightly beat whisk or fork.

Gradually pour the sifted flour, knead the dough, it should not get too steep. Lubricate the hands with butter and knead the dough carefully to the extent that it ceases to stick to your hands. Roll the dough into a bowl, put it in a bowl and, covering it with a clean towel, place it in a warm place, let it come up while we are preparing the filling.

Cut the meat into small cubes with a side of about 0.5 cm or slightly less. Approximately the same cut and peeled potatoes. Peeled onions cut into small squares. We connect meat, potatoes and onions in a bowl, slightly salted and pepper to taste, mix. If you want, you can add chopped greens.

After 40 minutes after the dough was put up, it is necessary to hamper it, put it on, roll it in again and put it into heat for another 40 minutes. When the dough is good enough, again we knead it and stir it, we can start to mold the echpochmaki.

Roll the dough into a relatively thin layer. We need a round shaped substrate, the size of a saucer, they are conveniently cut, following a knife around the lid from a small saucepan.

In the middle of each substrate, put a portion of the filling. Bend the edges and tightly patch the edges of the three "seams" in the form of a low pyramid, leaving a small hole on top.

We cover the baking sheet with baking paper and smear it with oil (or simply smear the pan). We spread the echopchmaks on a baking tray and bake in the oven, preheated for 25-35 minutes (the optimum temperature is about 200 ° C).

In the process of baking, when the crust of echpochmaks starts to slightly lighten up, it is necessary to lubricate the surface with melted butter using a brush. Through a hole pour into each echpochmak a spoonful of broth. Then we return the pan to the oven and bring the miracle cakes to the final readiness.

Serve echpochmaki hot or warm with broth or tea.

A recipe for sweet baking with the same name is also known.

Cottage Cheese Echpochmak - recipe



Oil should be finely chopped and mixed with cottage cheese and kneaded the dough gradually adding sifted flour. Or you can work with soft oils at room temperature.

In any convenient way, we make round cakes from the dough (for example, with a cup, rolling the dough into a layer of medium thickness). Evenly sprinkle each cake with sugar (you can add a little cinnamon) and fold it in half sequentially twice. We spread the echpochmaki on a pan covered with oiled parchment paper, sprinkle a little with sugar and bake in the oven until ready (that is, before browning). Serve with tea or coffee.